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An Open Letter to my Daddy

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                                                            An Open Letter to my Daddy

I can write in my police story draft for hours on end, but when it comes time to write something about you daddy. Words are difficult to express my life long feelings of love for you. Well, here goes anyway, I cant wait any longer, as your stay with us may be limited because of your life threatening illness.

 Daddy, you gave me the greatest gift a father could ever give a daughter, that was and to this day - your unconditional love. Yes, there were times when we would find ourselves on that emotional road that we often traveled together. A road of life full of energy and stresses that would cause us to collide at times but we always managed to find a safe road back to each other.

 Yes, Im so fortunate to have the greatest daddy in the world. A dad that has taken the time to love me no matter what, and has given my children a most special relationship with their papere. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart daddy.

Daddy every struggle you go through with your cancer, I experience the pain too. Not the physical pain, the emotional stuff you go through, please daddy never waver your fight to get through this dreadful illness. My heart cries and flutters with fear at the thought of your loss someday. I realize life on this earth is fragile and the good Lord may call you home at anytime.

The fear of waking up one morning and you are gone is a frightening nightmare for me. Ive got to be strong through these difficult times and not to cry in front of you. So in the dark of night, that is my time to cry as I pray for your complete recovery.

Daddy, words cannot say how much I love you. The galaxy is not big enough to store all of my love for you. My love for you daddy fly's like the clouds in the heavens above. Every breath I take is filled with love for you.

I am my daddys girl. Momma always said when I was born, the doctor had told you I was just like my daddy, looks and all.

All I can ever hope to do is follow in your footsteps. However, how do I fit my small feet in your big shoes? I never was able to fill your shoes daddy. Heaven knows; I have tried many times.

You have been by my side every tough hurdle that I had to overcome. Every heartache of mine, and there have been many, youve always provided a warm comforting shoulder for me to lean on.

Thank you daddy.

I try to understand what youre going through, and only do I wish I could find a way for my love to take the pain and hurt away. I know now I cannot make your pain as mine only, even though I want too.

My hearts been trembling since I was told your cancer is back. Daddy, I often remember our walks when I was very little. The trips to the zoo with my elephant key. The tears are falling down my cheek just thinking about those fun times. How precious were those moments in our lives.

I love you daddy. No matter how old I become I will always be your little girl. You are my true hero. I know nothing else but to always love you.

How many nights did you stand at the head of my crib and watch me sleep as a baby. When I was scared, you would hold and comfort me until I fell asleep. You taught me it was okay to say goodbye because our separation would only be temporary. That fond memory lives in our hearts today and becomes stronger each day we stay together.

Im not sure my heart can stand losing you. So please hold on. You're the one person in the world, I cannot say goodbye too. Daddy youre my hero of life. And I will always be your little girl FOREVER; I love you, and please, hang on best you can.

Dee Dee Serpas is a retired police officer from Kenner Police Department (Louisiana).  Currently, she is the President of the TAPS Memorial Web site.   Following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, Sheriff Paul Berthelot, Sheriff of St. John the Baptist Parish, and that of her father, who was president of FOP Lodge 2 in the late 1950s, Dee Dee became a Police Officer. First with the East Jefferson Levee Board Police, she also joined the Kenner Police Department and was the only female to graduate from the academy that year. Later, she joined the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office as a street cop. This makes her the only known female in Louisiana to have held three commissions at the age of 21.

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