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Seth Rigby Wright

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Rigby Wright
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About San Juan County Sheriff's Office

According to the San Juan County Sheriff's Office, it “consists of 102 certified personnel, three animal control officers, and 31 civilians who provide a full spectrum of law enforcement services to the citizens of San Juan County, including law enforcement, civil process, prisoner extradition, court security, and animal control.

The Sheriff's Office budget for the fiscal year 2007-08 is $12,001,000. Deputies patrol an area of about 5,500 square miles, much of which is rural and federally owned. With Bureau of Land Management land and land owned by the Navajo Nation, there is less than 6 percent of the land in San Juan County that is privately owned.

The San Juan County Sheriff's Office cooperates fully with the police departments in the surrounding cities of Aztec, Bloomfield and Farmington; as well as with the State Police and the Navajo Police. The New Mexico State Police have an investigator who shares office space and information with the San Juan County Sheriff's Office Detective Division, which aids in the solving of many crimes that both agencies are investigating.”

Seth Rigby Wright was the Sheriff of San Juan County (Utah) from 1971 until 1986.  In 1998, was appointed as Judge in the State of Utah Monticello Justice Court Monticello Municipality.  He is the author of Rigby Wright.

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