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Jim Silvania  More Info
How to Become a Pi in Ohio and Other States
Jim Silvania  More Info

About the Columbus Police Department 

The Columbus Division of Police came into existence in 1868.  Today, it is a full service law enforcement agency with over 1800 sworn police officers and over 350 civilian police personnel.  The Columbus Police Department is organized into five subdivisions. The subdivisions include the Administrative, Investigative, Support Services, and two Patrol subdivisions, East and West. Each subdivision is commanded by a Deputy Chief. The nature of each task to be performed determines which subdivision has responsibility and authority.


The individual subdivisions are further divided into bureaus or zones, each of which fulfills a more specific mission. Each zone or bureau is supervised by a police commander. The zones or bureaus are subdivided into sections or watches and are commanded by a police lieutenant or civilian employee of equivalent position. The sections and watches are broken down into precincts, units, squads, or teams. Each is commanded by a police sergeant or civilian.


The Division of Police operates in a semi-military manner. Authority descends from superior to subordinate and responsibility ascends from subordinate to superior. The City of Columbus covers over 225 square miles and extends into three adjacent counties: Franklin, Delaware, and Fairfield. Columbus surrounds the cities of Bexley, Upper Arlington, Whitehall and Worthington. In order to efficiently and effectively safeguard this area, the City is divided into 19 precincts.

During his 32 years of law enforcement and private investigations, Jim has been a jewel thief, motorcycle gang member and President Reagan's bodyguard.  Before working as Chief Investigator for a law firm, Jim was a police officer with the Columbus Police Department. During his law enforcement career, he spent 13 years as a detective in the Intelligence Bureau investigating organized crime throughout Ohio. Along with his police department experience, he has a master’s degree in criminal justice and has been an assistant professor at Columbus State Community College for 14 years.


While working for the Columbus Police Department, Jim experienced many dangerous and exciting assignments. One of his most memorable was when he was Ronald Reagan's bodyguard in 1984 when Reagan was campaigning in Ohio for President. He was also the bodyguard for Israel's Premier Defense Minister in the late 70's while he was visiting Columbus.


Jim has gone deep undercover to expose a national motorcycle gang. He "became" a fringe member of the Dayton, Ohio based "Outlaws" motorcycle gang, helping to bring charges against them for murder, drug trafficking and receiving stolen property. He has also gone undercover with a group of jewel thieves to expose their operation.


Jim brings his extensive law enforcement experience to his books, the novel “Cowtown” and “How to Become a PI in Ohio and Other States.”  In his novel, “Cowtown” two vice officers take along a local television news personality with them when they raid a house of prostitution. Things start to happen after the raid, which of course made the 6:00 o'clock news.  The house of ill-repute turns out to be an FBI run operation. Political corruption, murder, cover-up and all the goodies connected with a government gone bad are the backdrop for Cowtown.

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