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Simi Valley Police Department (California)

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Lee Barnard

About the Simi Valley Police Department

The Simi Valley Police Department was established in 1971, shortly after the City's incorporation.   The Simi Valley Police Department employs 125 sworn officers and a support staff of  67 civilians. Officers patrol an area of 39 square miles. The department encourages a problem solving, community policing philosophy and works collaboratively with the community in addressing problems of crime.  In addition to regular patrol functions handled by the Operations Division of the Simi Valley Police Department, the department has a number of typical special law enforcement units.


The Special Operations Unit offers specialized enforcement services to the community through the Special Enforcement Section, Special Problems Section, Special Investigation Section, Special Weapons Team, and Crisis Negotiation Team.  The Special Enforcement Section is utilized for short term, high priority assignments such as street narcotic enforcement, Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) violations, warrant service, suppression of identified crime patterns and liaison with State Parole and County Probation.  The Special Problems Section is primarily responsible for gang suppression and graffiti investigations.  They also act as liaison to the City's four Neighborhood Councils and handle designated problem oriented policing.  The Special Investigations Section is responsible for investigating vice and narcotic cases.


The Detective Unit is divided into two sections, the Violent Crime Section and the Property Crime Section.  This Unit is responsible for follow-up investigations of all felony crimes, certain sexual related misdemeanors, and any unusual or complicated cases beyond the expertise of patrol personnel.  The Detective Unit also oversees the Crime Scene Investigation function and the registration of sex , narcotic and arson offenders.


The Criminal Intelligence Section is responsible for the proactive collection, analysis and dissemination of criminal intelligence on the activities of organized crime groups, public disorder groups, terrorist groups and officials involved in public corruption.  The result of this effort provides the Chief of Police with the knowledge and information necessary to make informed judgments and take appropriate action to effectively counter and control criminal activity within the City.




Selected book from a Simi Valley Police Department police officer.

Understanding and Investigating Graffiti
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