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A Name For All My Tears was written following the horrendous attacks of September 11, 2001

If only I could tell you, how much you meant to me
Wish that I could hold you, then two as one wed be
I wish that I could tell you, of how Ive coped with fears
To share with you my secret, of naming all my tears

A tear for each and every month, lies upon my chest
Eleven more for the fateful day, when you went to rest
As those tears kept falling down, just like pouring rain
Those tears I gave a name to, I named one for my pain

My days are filled with longing, and selfish thoughts of you
Remembering all the things we did, and things we wanted to
I lay in bed and pray to God in heaven up above
A tear just fell upon my chest, I named it for our love

Love and pain, loss and sorrow landed on my heart
Each a tear, a silent thought of you and I apart
I know that youre in heaven, with those you yearned to see
This tear just fell, I held it and, I called it misery

Someday the names will change I hope, I have to wait and see
Faith and hope, laughter, smile, a tear named charity
But now I know youll understand, there is no tear for fate
And God wont let me shed a tear and name it after hate

If only I could tell you how much you meant to me
If you were here for one last time, I know Id make you see
The value of your friendship, your love, my precious dear
Until we meet, Ill think of you, through naming all my tears

Copyright November 2, 2001
Elmer L. Snow, III

About the Author
Elmer L. Snow, III is a retired Sergeant from the Prince Georges County Police Department (Maryland). During his career in law enforcement he was a recipient of the Police Officer of the Year Award, Chiefs Award for Valor, Police Officer of the Month Award, and 42 letters of Commendation for Outstanding Performance of Duty.

Following his retirement, Elmer Snow was employed for five years by the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware where he provided personal protection for the Chairman of the Board, the DuPont Board of Directors, and Key Management. During this time he became involved in terrorism, counter terrorism programs, and counter terrorist driving techniques.

In 2003 he was contacted by Halliburton Corporation to provide personal protection services during the reconstruction of Iraq. As a Security Coordinator with KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, Snow worked in numerous high risk positions throughout Iraq, including Mosul, Baghdad, Tikrit, Balad, and culminating at Camp Anaconda.  Upon his return to the United States, Elmer Snow wrote A View from Iraq.

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