The green light outside an NYPD precinct is a reference to the Watchmen of the 1650s.

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Snowflake - Taylor Police Department (Arizona)

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Dennis Evers

About the Snowflake Taylor Police Department

The Snowflake-Taylor Police Department is located at 602 S. Main Street in Snowflake, Arizona.  The department services the communities of Snowflake and Taylor, Arizona. Currently the department has 21 employees:  Five full time dispatchers, one administrative assistant / records clerk, one animal control officer and Fifteen full time certified police officers: Chief of Police, Lieutenant, Two Sergeants, One Detective, One Task Force Officer, One School Resource/DARE Officer, and Eight Patrol Officers.

The police department is considering options to improve and grow the department.  The Department’s focus is to progress with the needs of our growing communities.



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