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About the South Miami Police Department
According to the City of South Miami, “The South Miami Police Department (SMPD) is a full-service law enforcement agency with 52 sworn positions and 10.5 civilian staff serving the 2.5-square mile city.  The full time residential, tri-ethnic population is approximately 10,500, but the number of people served and protected by the SMPD is much greater due to several factors.


Geographically, South Miami is approximately 3 miles south of the City of Miami.  It borders the University of Miami’s main campus and the cities of Coral Gables and Pinecrest.  U.S. Highway 1 (South Dixie Highway) carries tens of thousands of vehicles through the city on a daily basis and there are several main arterial roadways that provide commuters the ability to pass through the city.  There are 2 major hospitals in the city providing employment and services to people throughout the county and beyond. The “town center” area of South Miami is a vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment venue. With a hometown ambiance, it also includes a 500,000 square foot mall, the Shops at Sunset Place.


The Police Department is headquartered in a building connected to City Hall at 6130 Sunset Drive. The Police station was renovated in the early 1990’s and dedicated in memory of Officer L. Daniel Schulz, the only officer ever killed in the line of duty in South Miami. The rank structure includes the Chief of Police, 2 Majors, 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 4 Sergeants and 40 officers and detectives.  The Communications Supervisor oversees the Communications Unit supervising 6 communications officers.  That supervisor is the Crime Analyst for the agency.


The Operations Section oversees the Patrol Unit which is the basic backbone of the Police Department. The response times, visibility and professionalism of that unit are second to none in the South Florida area. The commitment to traffic enforcement is evident with over 15,000 citations issued in the most current year.  This agency has also risen as a leader in DUI enforcement in the area.


The Investigations Section consists of several highly trained and skilled investigators, including a Special Investigations Unit that focuses mostly on narcotics-related crime.”




Selected book by a South Miami Police Department law enforcement official.

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