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Stephen Mattice is a full-time police officer with the Columbus Police Department (Kansas).  He is the author of Seeing It His Way: 40 Nights with a Christian Police Officer.  According to the book description, “Thousands nationwide are glued to their television sets, enthralled by shows where law enforcement officers face high-stakes situations and often risk their own lives, all in the line of duty. But what is it really like as a police officer hits the streets, preparing for another night's work? Author Stephen Mattice shares just that, bringing readers along for the ride as he enters this unpredictable and dangerous world—where 'another day at the office' could be anything from a high speed car chase to the site of a fatal highway collision, an ugly domestic disturbance, or the scene of a horrific crime.

Seeing It His Way, readers will gain an understanding of what it's like to witness such events not only as a police officer, but as a Christian. Utilizing a devotional style, Mattice relates his experiences to Scripture, encouraging readers to view the people and events in their own lives as opportunities in a mission field, where important spiritual lessons can be learned.”

Chaplain Dennis Johnson of Columbus Police Department said of Seeing It His Way: 40 Nights with a Christian Police Officer, “Whether you are a seeker, a new believer, a seasoned saint, law enforcement, or non-law enforcement, let God use these pages to bless and strengthen you.”




About the Columbus Police Department
According to the Columbus Police Department (Kansas) website, “The mission of the Columbus Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Columbus by working cooperatively with citizenry to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe environment in a way which strikes the optimum balance between the collective interests of all citizens and the personal rights of all individuals, while displaying no partiality to social or political influences.

The Columbus Police Department is currently staffed by nine full time Law Enforcement Officers, six part time Law Enforcement Officers, with one of the part time officers also serving as the Chaplain.  There is also one full time Animal Control Officer, and a full time Municipal City Court Clerk. The police department has a fleet of 7 vehicles.  The fleet is made up of 2 Chevrolet Impalas, 3 Ford Crown Victoria's, 1 Buick LeSabre, and 1 Chevrolet Silverado Truck.”

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