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Stephen Z. Smith

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Corporal Stephen Z. Smith, Montgomery Police Department (ret.) began his law enforcement career in 1981.  He retired 2001from the Montgomery Police Department (Alabama) and went to work as a deputy sheriff for Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Corporal Stephen Z. Smith is the author of It’s More than Shootouts and Car Chases,” Memoirs of a Montgomery Police Officer.

According to the book description of It's More Than Shootouts and Car Chases: Memoirs of a Montgomery Police Officer, “it you inside the life of a Montgomery Police Officer in the capital city of Alabama. Corporal Smith began his career as a nineteen year old police cadet working in an administrative capacity, until attending the police academy in 1983. As a trainee, Smith started the police academy with twenty fellow recruits and sixteen grueling weeks later, graduating with only six. You experience from the beginning what it takes to become a Montgomery police officer. This detailed, factual account provides the reader with an inside look from being shot at as a rookie officer while investigating a car burglary, to being involved in two police shootings and working the deaths of two fellow officers as an evidence technician. Throughout his twenty year career, Corporal Steve Smith shares his experiences that will have you laughing one moment and then a call of "shots fired" will show you the true dangers of being a police officer. As Corporal Steve Smith shares his true life experiences he also shares his faith in the Lord as he serves and protects the citizens of Montgomery.”

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