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Steve Allie Collura

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From the History of the New York City Police Department 

Jacob Hays was then the main safeguard of the city during business house. He was accustomed too the rounds with a few Constables, suppressing tumults and enforcing ordinances. The Watchmen found t no easy task to cope with crime and criminals. The city at this time was not remarkable for the peaceable and orderly disposition of the naturally vicious and turbulent portion of the inhabitants. Gangs of rowdies not infrequently indulged in a series of serious faction fights, and, growing tired of this, they began to maltreat peaceable citizens. Robberies, burglaries and general thievery were alarmingly on the increase, and this criminal activity was not in any manner counterbalanced by a corresponding energy on the par of the city's legally constituted guardians. The Watchmen of the period stood in wholesome terror of the lawbreakers they were supposed to keep within proper subjection. The constables were but a mere corporal's guard, but, under the skillful and fearless leadership of High Constable Hays, they did much towards intimidating the higher order of the culprits, who organize crime and employ other to execute their plans. The High Constable's duties were more in the line of detecting than preventing crime, and his services in this respect can not be over-estimated.


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Steve Allie Collura was an actor on the NBC-TV show "The Doctors" when he was recruited in 1967 by the New York Police Department to work as a Narcotics and Organized Crime Undercover Detective. Steve Collura set an all time record in the New York Police Department for narcotic undercover buys. He solved some of the biggest cases in the history of the force and subsequently became the youngest "Gold Shield" Detective in the history of the NYPD. Steve Collura co-wrote a true crime biography about his double life: Collura: Actor With A Gun.  Steve Allie Collura’s book and story were made into the movie Between Love and Honor.  According to the description of the movie, “an undercover cop falls in love with the stepdaughter of a notorious mob figure and must choose between his work and his feelings. Based on the true story of Steve Allie Collura, who portrays another police officer in the movie.”

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