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The Shooting Season (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
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The Listener: A Rush/Chinbroski Novel
Steven Copling  More Info

According to the book description of The Listener, “During a rare Texas freeze, Detectives Greg Rush and Rick Chinbroski investigate the discovery of a woman found dead in her bathtub. She is encased in ice with a cellular phone positioned against her ear. A note left at the scene of the crime leads the detectives to determine that they are not the only ones on the killer's trail. A woman, it seems, is desperate to help the police catch him . . . but only when she decides it's time. More notes, written in an obscure American dialect, follow, leading the detectives to California, where the woman reveals her identity . . . and that of the monster they are hunting.”

About the Plano Police Department

The Plano Police Department is the largest law enforcement agency in the northern Dallas metropolitan area.  Serving more than 250,000 citizens, the Plano Police Department is nationally known for its highly trained officers, outstanding salaries and benefits, and first-class equipment.  Since its formation in 1957, the Plano Police Department has emphasized professionalism, integrity, and progress in providing traditional law enforcement services to our growing community, as well as innovative approaches to community issues. The Plano Police Department has been a nationally accredited law enforcement agency since 1992.


Among initiatives of the Plano Police Department are solving neighborhood problems through the Neighborhood Police Officer Program; protecting youth by combating the continuing problem of drug usage, overdose and deaths within the community; promoting a positive law enforcement image with young people through the on-campus School Liaison Program; and reducing traffic accidents at high-risk intersections through increased red-light enforcement.


The Plano Police Department is staffed with dedicated professionals. They have an authorized strength of 351 sworn officers, 159 non-sworn employees, and 79 non-sworn part time employees.





In July 1980, Steve Copling joined the Plano Police Department (Texas).  During his career, he has worked a variety of assignments including Field Training, Crime Prevention, SWAT, School Liaison, CID, Narcotics, and Professional Standards.  He was promoted to sergeant in March of 2002 and has supervised patrol, CID, and SWAT. He was promoted to lieutenant in February of 2005 and currently works in the patrol division.


Steve Copling’s two “police procedural” novels feature homicide Detectives Greg Rush and Rick Chinbroski investigating murder in the city of Plano, Texas.  According to Harriet Klausner, an Amazon reviewer, “This is an exciting police procedural serial killer cat and mouse tale. The story line is fast-paced with the readers feeling the tension as Greg assumes he is the final target of this quartet of homicides. Fans of edgy thrillers will want to read this tense tale.”


According to the book description of The Shooting Season, “Three years of madness. Cunning, methodical, and elusive, a serial sniper hits a new city every July 24th. Everett, Washington was first, then Tempe, Arizona. In year three, he brought his terror to Brighton, Colorado. Different cities same pattern: first a doctor is shot, then a lawyer, a judge, and finally the lead homicide detective. Twelve victims and no evidence, except for the bullet casings mailed to the police chief in each city. A single thumbprint on each casing belongs to Billy Ray Jackson, a criminal from Nashville who hasn't been seen since before the first murder. When the sniper hits Plano, Texas, to begin his fourth shooting season, homicide detectives Greg Rush and Rick Chinbroski team with the FBI to hunt for the killer. But after the FBI's faulty investigative tactics force Rush to strike out on his own, he does so, unaware that his independent investigation plays right into the shooter's hands. He's being hunted by police agencies from around the country, but no one understands that Plano is the shooter's last stop - that Plano's top homicide team was the target all along, and that a thirty-year-old debt won't be paid in full until the last shot is fired. The Shooting Season is a story of revenge, of how one boy's betrayal sent his best friend's life spiraling to the brink of insanity. For Greg Rush and Rick Chinbroski, that betrayal costs more than either could imagine.


Steve Copling has over twenty-five years in law enforcement and corporate security. Steve lives in a small north Texas town with his wife of twenty-eight years, has three wonderful sons, and one beautiful grandson.”

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