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?Si Puedo! Yes I Can!: Spanish Language Concepts for Law Enforcement
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About the El Paso County Sheriff's Office 

According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, “The Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Bureau is comprised of three (3) divisions, the Emergency Services Division, Investigations Division, and Patrol Division, all tasked with carrying out the statutory responsibilities of the Sheriff, which include preserving the peace, executing writs, fire warden responsibilities, and search and rescue efforts.

The Detention Bureau is comprised of three Divisions: Security, Operations and Support. The Security Division is responsible for housing and supervision of the 1500 plus inmates in CJC on a daily basis. The Operations Division encompasses the Intake and Inmate Services and Court Services Sections. The Intake and Inmate Services Section is responsible for the intake and release of inmates from the facilities, classification screening and placement, inmate court file maintenance, bookkeeping and warrant processing. The Court Services Section is responsible for the safe transport and security of all inmates at CJC to and from court. The Detention Support Division encompasses the Standards and Compliance and Facility and Offender Management Sections. The Standards and Compliance Section is responsible for maintaining accreditation through the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) as well as maintaining policies and procedures that direct operations within the Detention Bureau. The Facility and Offender Management Section is responsible for alternative sentencing programs such as Work Release and the Reintegration and Recovery Program.”

Steve Gaenzle has over 25 years of distinguished service as a peace officer. He has been decorated with the Distinguished Service Medal as well as Meritorious Services to his community. Steve began his career with the El Paso County Sheriff ’s Office in El Paso, Texas, his hometown.


The demand of knowing the Spanish language was paramount in this border town. He instructed in the West-Texas Regional Training Academy in El Paso, Texas and then continued his career in Colorado. He has been a field supervisor, Field Training Officer, undercover detective assigned to the FBI Federal Fugitive Task Force, and a lead homicide detective in a major crimes unit. In addition to being a Spanish language instructor, Steve has instructed Interview and Interrogation, Crime Scene Search and Protection and Colorado Law. Steve has been instrumental in creating new Spanish training programs for dispatchers, Patrol, Jail personnel and created Spanish training programs Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. Steve is recognized as an expert in the field of the Spanish language. Steve is the lead Spanish instructor for the Rocky Mountain High Intesity Drug Trafficking Area, RMHIDTA.  



Steve, who has a degree in sociology/criminology from the University of Southern Colorado, co-authored a book with Jorge Charry on “Spanish Language Concepts for Law Enforcement.” 

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