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Suffolk County District Attorney's Office (New York)

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Steven C. Drielak

About the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

The District Attorney's staff numbers more than 400 and includes approximately 150 Assistant District Attorneys. In addition to Assistant District Attorneys, other positions include: Detective Investigator, District Attorney Investigator, Evidence Control Clerk, Victim Advocate, Legal Stenographer/Grand Jury Reporter, Security Guard, and Legal Secretary. The Suffolk County District Attorney's is New York State's busiest prosecutor's office in the State of New York outside of the City of New York. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office is organized into a number of bureaus and units.


The District Court Bureau is primarily responsible for prosecuting both misdemeanor crimes and violations, including Driving While Intoxicated and various quality of life crimes committed in Suffolk County. Specialized teams within the Bureau also prosecute bias crimes, welfare fraud, graffiti cases, sex offenses, gang crimes, prostitution, animal cruelty and scofflaws. In 2005, the District Court Bureau prosecuted over 30,000 cases, or about 600 new cases every week.


The Major Crime Bureau investigates and prosecutes felony cases in Suffolk County, including, but not limited to robberies, burglaries, assaults, sexual assaults including rape, forgery, vehicular felonies and homicide cases, that result in arrests or indictments for manslaughter and/or criminally negligent homicide.


One of the main responsibilities of the bureau is the investigation and supervision of motor vehicle accident cases in Suffolk County that result in the death or physical injury from reckless or criminally negligent conduct. These investigations involve alcohol and drug evidence; accident investigations and reconstruction by expert witnesses; toxicological and forensic analysis; and disposition and/or trial of these cases.


The Economic Crimes Bureau (ECB) is responsible for prosecuting Larcenies, Economic Frauds, Consumer Frauds, Public Integrity, Environmental Crimes, Labor Law Crimes, Insurance Fraud Civil Forfeiture, Computer Crimes and conducting complex litigation efforts.  The theme uniting the varied work done by the Economic Crimes Bureau is the motivation of those prosecuted by the Bureau.  Whether they engage in traditional schemes to defraud, violate the public trust, despoil the environment or defraud the elderly, the persons prosecuted by the Economic Crimes Bureau are almost all driven by a lust for financial gain at the expense of others


Environmental crimes typically involve the violation for financial gain of statutes designed to protect the natural environment, executed through schemes involving the falsification of regulatory documents and filings.  Specifically, the Environmental Crimes Unit prosecutes illegal “on-site” disposal of waste, “off-site” cases commonly referred to as “midnight dumping”, deforestation of Pine Barrens and other publicly owned land and the illegal commercialization of fish & wildlife.  The Environmental Crimes Unit investigators are on 24-hour call to respond to environmental crime scenes or other HAZMAT emergencies requiring their expertise. 




Selected book by a Suffolk County District Attorney's Office Law Enforcement official.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Response and Investigation
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