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Valley Fever: Where Murder Is Contagious: A Collection of Short Stories Set in the San Joaquin Valley
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Fools Rush In
Sunny, Frazier  More Info

About the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department

The Fresno County Sheriff's Department is a full Service Law Enforcement Agency with a long proud history and tradition of providing professional law enforcement service to the people of Fresno County. The varied law enforcement services include both metropolitan and rural policing. The agency serves a total population of approximately 195,000 residents, which includes contracted police services for the cities of Mendota, Orange Cove, and San Joaquin. The Sheriff’s Department patrols more than 6,000 square miles of central California with a diversity of terrain that varies from open farm lands of the western county to rugged mountain peaks of over 11,000 feet to the east in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The agencies 1000+ employees are dedicated to the investigation, prevention and suppression of criminal offenses. The agency provides Bailiffs and Court Security to 47 courtrooms countywide. Court Services Personnel move approximately 67,500 inmates to and from the courts on an annual bases. The Sheriff’s Department operates four detention facilities that house and care for an average daily population of 2150 inmates. The Sheriff’s Department delivers field services to county residents from four rural substations. Some of the field service programs that the department provides include Patrol, Air Support Unit (helicopters), Mounted Horse Unit, Canine Unit, Bike Unit, and Boating Enforcement Unit. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Department provides numerous community programs through Crime Prevention and Youth Services programs.





In 1972, Sunny Frazier joined the United States Navy with the idea of becoming a journalist.  The Navy had other ideas, assigning her as dental technician.  In 1976, At the end of her enlistment, Sunny Frazier was honorably discharged as a Dental Technician, Third Class.  After her military service, she went to university and worked as a photo journalist for a newspaper.  Ultimately, Sunny Frazier would join the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department (California), where she worked as a civilian employee.  Sunny Frazier worked in the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department records department with warrants for six years.  She then worked as a secretary in the Narcotics Section for 11 years.


Sunny Frazier is a contributing author to Valley Fever: Where Murder Is Contagious: A Collection of Short Stories Set in the San Joaquin Valley.  According to that book description it is a “collection of stories by three women who write about the underbelly of Fresno and its surrounding areas. These authors combine their talents to present a collection of mayhem, murder and passion.”


Sunny Frazier is the author Fools Rush In.  According to the description of Fools Rush In, “On a blazing July day in Central County, California, snitch Johnny Blue is murdered by a lethal heroin injection. Undercover narcotic detective James Wolfe, the operative who handled Blue, goes to the Sheriff's Department substation seeking ex-girlfriend Christy Bristol. In the past he ridiculed her hobby of casting horoscopes. Now he needs her expertise to catch the man he suspects is behind Blue's murder, a drug dealer named Lloyd Parr.


Stuck on the lowest rung of law enforcement, Christy becomes first a victim, then a hero in the high-stakes game of narcotic trafficking. Through her eyes, the drug world is reduced to individual players, lost values and discarded dreams. The reality of what goes on in the fertile land of the San Joaquin Valley is far more disturbing than the Hollywood version of drug lords and a wealthy lifestyle fueled by drug money. In the drug world of the Valley, there are no winners. Only losers.”

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