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Susan Anderson graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in journalism in1986; and, from George Stone Vocational School in Pensacola from the Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Program in 1996.  Susan Anderson has worked as a reserve officer and then a full-time officer for the Milton Police Department (Florida).  Susan Anderson is the author of Cold Case in Ellyson.

According to the book description of Cold Case in Ellyson, “Kathleen lives out the legacy of her grandfather - she, too, works in law enforcement. With her training, she sets out to solve the cold case of her grandmother's murder, but in seeking justice, Kathleen also discovers there is danger in working alone. Her best friend and fellow officer, Joe, helps her in this journey where they ultimately find the truth about themselves.”


One reader of Cold Case in Ellyson said, “I thought it was a great mystery and I liked the way it gently unwrapped a lot of the "gentile southern" personalities. Having grown up in the south I have found that most books and/or movies do not really know how to deal with the southern traditions without a lot of exaggeration. It was also refreshing to read a mystery that dealt with a three dimensional main character. Most writers fail to develop their main character and the reader is left guessing what the main character is about. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a refreshing change from the "typical" mystery novel.”


One reader of Cold Case in Ellyson said it “is one of those books that falls into the "can't put it down" category. As I began reading the story, the scenes came to life with a descriptive style that is rarely found in modern novels. In a style reminiscent of that found in "Gone With the Wind," Susan's writing paints detailed and realistic pictures of life in a small Southern town - both present and past. You will find yourself working right along side Kathleen and Joe as they investigate a cold case murder in a small Alabama town. You begin to feel a kinship with the main characters and relate to them in a way uncommon in most modern literature. I highly recommend Susan Anderson's "Cold Case in Ellyson." The story is clean, family-friendly and very well-written. Get a copy for yourself and see if you don't agree. Maybe you will solve the mystery before Katheleen or Joe.”


About the Milton Police Department

According to the Milton Police Department, it “operates under a Council/Manager form of municipal government. Located in the Florida Panhandle, the department has, as its primary mission, the safety and well being of the city's 8,000 full-time residents. The department consists of twenty-two full-time officers, three reserve officers, unpaid volunteer officers and eight civilian staff. In addition to traditional police services, we offer additional assistance with specific requests in a variety of areas, including vacant house watches, neighborhood watch coordination, vehicle lockouts, business checks, and V.I.N. verifications. The Milton Police Department is dedicated to the philosophy of Community Policing. By forming a partnership with the community to help solve problems of mutual concern, we strive to improve the quality of life for all our citizens. Crime is not just a police problem, it is a community problem. By establishing and maintaining open communications with our residents, we can address their concerns. The Milton Police Department welcomes citizen input to help solve crime problems and quality of life problems in our community. Our job is SERVICE.”

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