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Svend J. Jorgensen

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Svend J. Jorgensen was “a Seattle Police Officer from 1919 into the early 1950s, and continued in law enforcement as a King County deputy sheriff.  A world renowned official police and military self-defense instructor,  he taught his methods to thousands in all branches of the U.S. Military, as well as Immigration Border Patrols, Highway Patrols, Police and Deputy Sheriffs in many states, Canada and Mexico.”     Svend J. Jorgensen is the author of American Police Jiu-jitsu, Thirty-six Secret Knock-out Blows Without the Use of Fists, Come Along Holds: Official Police Jiu-Jitsu,  American Jiu Jitsu: Featuring Shaking Down the Gunman, and Ladies Judo.

According to the book description of American Police Jiu-jitsu, ”This classic volume contains the course developed by Jorgensen, an internationally famous jiu-jitsu instructor, in the 1930s to teach applied jiu-jitsu to police departments all over the world, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Original copies of this classic book are extremely hard to find and very expensive.”

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