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End of Watch: The Terry Melancon Jr.Story
Vicki Melancon  More Info

About the Baton Rouge Police Department

The Baton Rouge Police Department was formally established in 1865, just after the end of the Civil War, with the appointment of the first Chief of Police.  The department is responsible for the enforcement of city ordinances and state laws within the city limits of Baton Rouge, an area encompassing approximately 76 square miles and populated by 228,000 citizens. The Baton Rouge Police Department is authorized to employ 645 sworn officers, 44 communications officers, 34 other specialized police personnel, and 189 civilians, for a maximum allotment of 912 employees. The Chief of Police is appointed by, and reports to, the Mayor. All other police positions are promotional and based on seniority, as mandated by state civil service law. All allotments, budgets and salaries are set by the East Baton Rouge Parish Metropolitan Council. In 2002, the police department’s budget was approximately $46 million.




Vicki Melancon is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, native who has held the position of marketing director at Baton Rouge Title Company for the past thirteen years. A mother of three, Vicki decided to write her first book after the tragic death of her son, Terry, who worked as a narcotics detective for the Baton Rouge Police Department and was killed in a narcotics raid on August 10, 2005.  Vicki Melancon is the author of End of Watch: The Terry Melancon Jr. Story.


According to the book description, “Terry Lee Melancon Jr. wanted nothing more from life than to become a narcotics detective. His dream came true when he became a detective for the Narcotics Division of the Baton Rouge Police Department. But sadly, his dream was short-lived as Terry was killed in a narcotics raid August 10, 2005.


In this heartwarming and heart-wrenching account of Terry’s life, his mother, Vicki, chronicles her son’s inspirational story. End of Watch: The Terry Melancon Story is much more than a mother sharing her grief. It is the story of a young boy who grew into a man dedicated to helping others and serving God.


In this true story, readers will get to know Terry from childhood to manhood and learn about the lives he touched from Baton Rouge to Mozambique, Africa, where a church in a poverty-stricken area bears his name. Terry’s life as a narcotics detective is thoroughly depicted, as well as the circumstances surrounding his heroic death.


End of Watch is much more than the story of a man. It is the story of an inspiration.”


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