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Terry J. Manwaring

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Terry J. Manwaring is a Captain with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. He has thirty years of law enforcement experience, including fifteen years in managerial and command positions with the Jefferson County Colorado Sheriff’s Office, a dual Inter-National Accredited Agency. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado Christian University in Organizational Management, and is a graduate of the Law Enforcement Staff and Command School of Northwestern University.

Terry J. Manwaring has been assigned to various Sheriff’s Divisions such as Patrol, Investigations (Crimes Against Persons), Civil and Detention of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. In 1984 he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Patrol Division, and later back to the Crimes Against Persons Unit. In 1991 he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Patrol as Precinct Commander of the Mountain Precinct (50,000 citizens), employing a full service law enforcement sub-station of forty Deputy Sheriffs and four sergeants.

Terry J. Manwaring was assigned from 1994-1999, as SWAT Commander of a multi-jurisdictional thirty-five-member SWAT team. He was Chief Tactical Commander on the initial Denver security and transport of terrorists Timothy McViegh and Terry Nichols, and Swat Commander in the apprehension of serial murderer William Cody Neal. He also commanded operations for the protection of Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary, Transportation Secretary Frederico Pena, President Chissano of Mazambique, Premier of China Zhu Rongji and Madam Lao, the Denver G8 World Economic Summit, and on several occasions President William Jefferson Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Terry J. Manwaring was the initial responding command officer and Chief Tactical SWAT Commander of the Columbine School Shooting incident in 1999.

Terry J. Manwaring has been awarded three Medals of Valor, his Agency’s highest recognition in addition to the Columbine Bar and the Sheriff’s Commendation Bar for his actions during a fatal shopping center shooting, where several people were killed along with a deputy sheriff. Terry J. Manwaring is the co-author of Law Enforcement Incident Command.

Law Enforcement Incident Command: Crisis to Consequence
Dennis L. Potter  More Info

According to the book description of Law Enforcement Incident Command,This text is designed not only to provide answers and the tools for law enforcement to better function in a public safety environment designed on the principles of fire department response plans. It will identify those compromises necessary to comply with, or add to, the National Incident Management model in order to ensure that law enforcement issues are addressed. Without these compromises, future emergency responses to critical incidents by all public safety responders will prove as confusing and frustrating as those incidents NIMS is trying to renovate. The text also identifies those compromises necessary to comply with, or add to, the National Incident Management model in order to ensure that law enforcement issues are addressed.”

About the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, it “was founded in November 1859 and today serves 184,640 residents in the unincorporated areas of the county. As the largest full service sheriff's office in Colorado, the agency has more than 500 sworn deputies and more than 200 non-sworn employees who provide services to the community.  The Sheriff's Office is organized into three divisions: Detention Services, Law Enforcement Services and Support Services, each of which is commanded by a division chief. 

The Jefferson County Detention Facility, or county jail, is the central detention facility for all law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County, including local police departments. The county jail houses inmates and pre-trial detainees who have been committed to the custody of the sheriff.   The staff of the Detention Services Division is responsible for all aspects of the jail: from booking and classification of inmates to facility security, medical services and transportation.

Deputies patrol unincorporated Jefferson County around the clock, responding to emergencies and requests for assistance and enforcing criminal and traffic laws.  Deputies work out of three community-based stations in the south, north and mountain areas of the county.

The Support Services Division is the glue that holds the agency together.  Functions such as fleet maintenance, accounting, radio maintenance and record-keeping ensure that citizens receive quality services from their law enforcement agency.  A wide variety of departments fall under the Support Services umbrella.”

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