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Thomas F. Adams

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Police Field Operations (7th Edition)
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Crime Scene Investigation (2nd Edition)
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Law Enforcement - An Intrduction To The Police Role In The Community
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Harden the Target : a Guide to Defense of Life, Limb, and Loved Ones
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Training officers' handbook,
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Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice - Second Edition
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About the Santa Ana Police Department

The Department has 700 employees providing a variety of police services, in positions as police officers, dispatchers, detention officers, and police service officers.  In addition to the Office of the Chief of Police, the Santa Ana Police Department is organized into five bureaus: Administrative Bureau; Field Operations Bureau; Investigations Bureau; Jail Bureau; and, Technology and Support Bureau.




A former lieutenant with the Santa Ana Police Department (California) and professor emeritus from Santa Ana College, Thomas F. Adams is the author of five books: Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice; Training Officers' Handbook; Harden the Target : A Guide to Defense of Life, Limb, and Loved Ones; Law Enforcement - An Introduction To The Police Role In The Community; and Police Field Operations. He is the co-author of a sixth: Crime Scene Investigation.


According to the book description, Police Field Operations “is written from the perspective of a working police officer, presenting real-life scenarios an officer is likely to encounter while on-duty. With its focus on community policing, it describes how and why certain procedures are used, and gives informative techniques from leading police academies from around the country. It provides readers with the widest range of up-to-date information: Use-of-force issues; guidelines for shaping and enforcing policy; officer survival and stress Reduction.  Police Field Operations helps readers develop the necessary skills of observations, perceptions, interviewing techniques, and crowd and riot control. Great resource material for those involved in police patrol procedures and police and field operations.”


According to the book description of Crime Scene Investigation, it “serves as a useful handbook to guide the law enforcement professional through the important process of crime scene investigation. Attempts to help the crime scene investigator accomplish the goal of doing a better job and raise accepted standards”

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