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Thomas Dades retired from the NYPD in 2003.  He now teaches boxing on Staten Island.  He is a co-author of Friends of the Family: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case.

According to the book description of Friends of the Family: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case, “This book offers an inside look at the most notorious case to rock the NYPD. This is the story of the two NYPD cops who moonlighted as mob hit men, told by the cop and DA investigator who solved New York's coldest case, with never-before-released documents and information. On March 10, 2005, two highly decorated detectives, were indicted for providing information to the Luchese crime family, which resulted in eight murders, one of which they carried out themselves. According to the indictment, while working in the department's Organized Crime Homicide Unit, they were paid $4000 monthly by the Lucheses to provide highly confidential NYPD and FBI information into law enforcement operations and identify informers and witnesses. For more than a decade, it looked like they would get away with their crimes. When they were indicted, the story made instant headlines around the world. "Mafia Detectives" is the full inside story of two dedicated men who were determined not to let Eppolito and Caracappa get away with murder. Those two men were Mike Vecchione, the Chief of Investigations for Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes, and his best friend, street-wise Detective Tommy Dades. "Mafia Detectives" is the story of that investigation, as told by Vecchione, who led it and Dades, whose work broke the case, to best selling author David Fisher. It will detail both the investigation and the killings as they were uncovered.”

Friends of the Family CD: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case
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From the History of the New York Police Department 

A resolution was passed August 4, of this year, that an inquiry be made into the expediency of associating with the several Watch departments a judicial officer to admit prisoners to bail, was referred to the Watch committee. On the eleventh of the following month a resolution was adopted providing for the sitting of Magistrates on Sundays, and during the night--the committee on application being instructed to ask the legislature to change the law to that effect. The succeeding month a resolution was offered providing for the establishing of two branches of the Police Department, to be located at the watch-houses of the Second and Third Districts, each having Justices' clerks and Marshals to attend during the day-time and a Justice to attend at night to dispose of the cases brought up, thereby relieving the Captains of the responsibility. In the month of December, six new posts were created; two in the First District, one in the Second, and three in the Third.

The Watch Committee were directed to employ a physician to attend certain Watchmen who were injured in the riot at Anthony Street, near Elm Street, on January 1, 1827. On the fifteenth of the same month, the Watch Committee were directed to render any financial assistance necessary to the families of the wounded Watchmen. The following month provision was made to fine Constables twenty-five dollars for failing to attend before a Justice when summoned to do so.


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