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Thomas J. Fitzsimmons worked 10-years as a New York City Police Officer in the precinct dramatized in Paul Newman's Fort Apache-The Bronx. His is a Vietnam era Navy veteran, film/soap opera/TV commercial actor and the former co-host of the NBC-TV magazine-format talk show, Now A private investigator and recognized security expert, he has appeared on shows such as Good Morning America, Geraldo Rivera and Montel Williams.  He is the author of Confessions of a Catholic Cop, Eastside Westside – New York Stories and City of Fire.

According to the book description of Eastside Westside - New York Stories, “Whether set in the ghettos of New York City, or the exclusive social and intellectual milieus of the rich and famous, whether recounting a priest's struggle with his faith, a firefighter coming to terms with his own mortality, the comical affairs of the heart, serial killers, or bungling members of organized crime, Thomas Fitzsimmons' stories strike with profound ferocity and impact. Told with an uncensored, darkly humorous style, Fitzsimmons' vision of the human condition is both amusing and brutal. For each of his stories are infused with an ennobling grace of the spirit. To be great, short stories have to echo the reader's minds. In this book, Fitzsimmons has created a collection that is indeed truly memorable.”

According to the book description of Confessions of a Catholic Cop, “An insider's tale of a dedicated pair of New York City cops who uncover a heinous scheme of arson that will keep you spellbound from beginning to electrifying end.”

One reader of Confessions of a Catholic Cop said, “If you like a great story and a fast read you will love this book. Expect it to be a feature film in the future.”

Confessions of a Catholic Cop
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Eastside Westside - New York Stories
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City of Fire
Thomas Fitzsimmons  More Info

From the History of the New York Police Department 

On April 6, 1812, an ordinance of the Common Council increased the number of Captains and Assistant Captains, respectively, to eight. The latter were to receive, in addition to their pay as Watchmen, fifty cents for every night they were so employed. Twelve substitutes were appointed and added to each of the companies of the Watch, who were entitled to a like pay as the regular Watchmen, whenever so employed.


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