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Thomas R. Randall

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The Badge and Stripes of Honor
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Angels With Whirly Wings "Dust Off": Vietnam '67
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Horse Soldiers
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Hot Rods
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Thomas R. Randall entered the United States Army in 1966.  He served until 1969, including a tour in Vietnam.   In 1970, Thomas Randall joined the Elmira Police Department, serving until 1977.  Since leaving the Elmira Police Department, Thomas Randall has working in law enforcement as a Federal Police Officer and INS Inspector.


Thomas Randall has a Masters Degree in education from Elmira College and graduated from New York State Police Officers Training Academy.  He also graduated from the Federal Agents Academy, at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia.  Thomas Randall is the author of The Badge and Stripes of Honor; Horse Soldiers; Hot Rods; Car Crazy; and, Angels With Whirly Wings "Dust Off": Vietnam '67.


According to the book description, The Book The Badge and Stripes of Honor “is written about the authors' life including a tour of duty in Vietnam 1966-1967 as a machine gunner. Work in law enforcement for 7 years before being severely injured by a tractor-trailer truck. While crippled, he owned a bar for 13 years while he was recovering from his injuries. But, he always missed law enforcement and did not want a serious accident to finish his career off early. It was like getting thrown off a horse. You have to make an attempt to get on the same horse and ride again.”


According to the book description Horse Solders, it “is a book written about the 1st Cavalry Division. From the Civil War to Viet Nam and helicopters and becoming an Airmobile Division, to armor and tanks and helicopters as today's until is serving in Iraq right now. A summary of almost 150 years, with the most famous military division ever.”

About the Elmira Police Department

In 2006, the Elmira Police Department was staffed by 81 sworn police officers with an operating budget exceeding 5 million dollars..  They handled over 43,000 radio calls and made over 2,600 arrests.  The Elmira Police Department is organized into two large components – Operations and Administration.  The Operations component contains the patrol platoons, traffic bureau, detective bureau and special operations.


According to the Elmira Police Department, “The Patrol Division consists of approximately 60 sworn personnel. Each officer has completed training mandated by the Department of Criminal Justice Services and is empowered by state law to carry firearms, conduct criminal investigations, make arrests, and testify in court. During each shift, officers in patrol cars are assigned a specific section of the city to patrol. Patrol officers are dispatched by the Chemung County Communications Center to provide assistance, investigate crimes, make traffic stops, and enforce laws.”


Of the Detective Bureau, the Elmira Police Department states, “The Elmira Police Department Detective Bureau is tasked with the responsibility of several functions, most important of which is the follow-up of felony level cases and misdemeanor cases with special circumstances. The Detective Bureau also has the responsibility for maintaining criminal intelligence records, tracking and maintaining files pertaining to registered sex offenders living within the City of Elmira, evidence collection and processing, submissions of evidence to regional crime labs, and the collection of monies for local businesses that have received bad checks.”


The Elmira Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team consists of 14 Officers from the Elmira Police Department. The Team has responsibilities that include but are not limited to executing search warrants for the Chemung County Drug Enforcement Unit, serving any other high risk warrants that are determined to be beyond the capabilities of patrol officers, assisting with Hostage/Barricade situations, and Dignitary Protection details.  The SWAT Team has strict firearms and physical fitness entry-level requirements. Once appointed, each member of the Team must continue to meet very strict quarterly firearms qualifications and biannual physical fitness qualifications. The SWAT Team trains an average of 20 days per year.




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