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In 1973, "on a dare, Thonie Hevron tested with San Rafael Police Department for Parking Enforcement Officer. Yes, she got the job and became Rita the Meter Maid for three years. Six months after promoting to Dispatch, she married an officer and left police work.

In 1981, she got a job with Petaluma Police as a Community Service Officer and dispatcher. 1983 brought a divorce. After seven years on the street, she traded jobs with a dispatcher and went inside. In 1988, she married a Petaluma Fire Captain, Danny Hevron. In 1991, Sonoma County Sheriff's Office recruited her as a Records Supervisor for the Central Information Bureau. With budget cuts looming, she left in 1994. She found a job at Bishop PD, in the Eastern Sierras, where they intended to retire.

Danny and Thonie moved to Bishop, California. Then, in 2004, again, she was offered a job she couldn't refuse--dispatcher for Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety. Thrilled to be back in Sonoma County to be closer to family, she finally retired in 2011 after a cumulative 35 years of service." Thonie Hevron is the author of With Malice Aforethought, By Force or Fear and Intent to Hold.

According to the book description of With Malice Aforethought, "Sheriff’s Violent Crimes Detectives investigating a murder stumble into an army of white nationalist extremists in the remote Sonoma County hills. Fighting to survive against the militia and the hostile environment, they uncover a plot to release a dangerous pathogen into the local water supply and devastate the local law enforcement agencies."

According to the book description of By Force or Fear, "the shocking end to a hostage situation brings a courageous Sheriff’s Deputy to the attention of an powerful young judge. His obsession grows as she pursues a violent killer in the Sonoma wine country. After losing almost everyone close to her, she finds out the judge’s offer of security isn’t as interesting as she thought. As she closes in on the murderer, the judge’s own trap snaps shut, nearly killing her and her partner."

According to the book description of Intent to Hold, "Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Reyes answers a call from his estranged wife in Mexico needing help find her kidnapped brother. Nick enlists the help of his partner, Detective Meredith Ryan, to investigate. They fly to Mexico, where they are plunged into a morass of intrigue and betrayal which threatens their lives and the lives of the family. They battle nature, the Federales, a crime cartel and even Nick’s wife to solve the kidnapping. As if that isn't enough, the two detectives must subdue emerging feelings for one another to get the job done and preserve their working relationship."



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