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Sergeant Tim C. Stadler, Tulsa Police Department (ret.) completed a 25 year career in law enforcement, he is the author of Yost Family History: Germany to 2014 and Shoot or be Killed: Putting you in the officer's shoes during a Use of Deadly Force Case.

According to the book description of Shoot or be Killed: Putting you in the officer's shoes during a Use of Deadly Force Case, "Ever wonder what exactly happens when an officer is involved in the User of Deadly Force? What the officer saw and what he thought as it occurred? You have that opportunity as a 25 year veteran police Sergeant puts you in his shoes on that fateful day he experienced. You are taken step by step from being assigned the call, to arriving at the scene. You then experience exactly what he saw and was thinking up to and through that life or death moment. You experience what happens afterwards and how it affects your life."

According to book description, "This book was over four years in the writing. It is a comprehensive history of the Yost family line. From the Yost name originating in Southern Germany in the 12th Century to the first Yost's to come to America including Hans Casper Yost and his brothers and sisters. The book is 564 pages. It contains Census, Land Grants, War Records, and family photos tracing the Yost family as they spread across America. The book also contains information and proof of famous Yost's including John Yost who made a rifle for President George Washington in March 1770 for 6 and 10 Shillings. Fielding "Hurry Up" Yost famous for the "Points a minute" football team. It contains numerous family names as the Yost's men and women married, Ammon, Anderson, Alexander, Balmer, Beecher, Best, Bickle, Boggs, Blake, Bonham, Bourne, Boyd, Brizendine, Buchanan, Buno, Burns, Carnes, Carlsen, Carter, Chambers, Chavez, Cheney, Chitwood, Clover, Cluck, Cook, Cooper, Cummins, Dahl, Daughtery, DeMers, Dial, Diggins, Dunn, Eagon, Early, Edgman, Emils, Estes, Faubion, Fletcher, Francis, Franklin, Frame, Fudge, Gardner, Gill, Goodner, Goodpasture, Gose, Gregg, Greiner, Grossclose, Groseclose, Hack, Haff, HaHa, Hamilton, Harrison, Hendrix, Herring, Hobbs, Hodge, Holodinski, Hopkins, Horne, Hostetter, Jackson, James, Jones, Jonson, Johnson, Jones, Josselet, Keller, Kennedy, Kern, Kidd, Knox, Kokendoffer, Kraft, Lancaster, Lewis, Louthan, Maretta, Marshall, Martin, McBride, McConnell, McCormick, McDonald, McGrady, McGregor, McNally, McLean, Messman, Mitchem, Mobley, Monroe, Moore, Morris, Moseley, Moerschel, Murry, Nance, Norcross, Nuckles, Nutz, Owens, Palum, Paul, Poe, Prine, Proctor, Qualls, Raynes, Reed, Richards, Rister, Roberts, Romkey, Rowell, Rush, Saint, Schureman, Schroeder, Schwartz, Scott, Shawver, Sheffer, Shilling, Shipman, Shrader, Sibley, Skinner, Smith, Spencer, Stadler, Stewart, Stoots, Stratton, Stump, Swanwich, Sutton, Talor, Terrel, Townsend, Turner, Valenzuela, Waggoner, Warden, Warren, White, Whitman, Wilbanks, Willard, Winchester, Woland, Womble, Woodward, Yarmuk, Wygal, Zagarola, Zimmerman. And there are others. If you have a Yost in your family line, you will want this book."

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