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Timothy A. Perry is currently the undersheriff of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (Washington) and has more than 35 years of law enforcement experience.  He served twenty-five years with the Seattle Police Department; working in patrol, investigations and training.  After retiring from the Seattle Police Department, he was the Chief of Police for the Clyde Police Department (Washington).  Tim Perry has a BS in Police Science and the Administration of Justice; and, is the author of two law enforcement books: Basic Patrol Procedures and The Practical Mock Scene Manual: A Complete Manual to Aid the Police Trainer

According to the book description of Basic Patrol Procedures, it “has been revised and updated throughout! It includes sections on community oriented policing, law enforcement ethics, vehicle pursuits and other timely subjects. Basic Patrol Procedures, 2/E is reader friendly, yet packed with important information for the law enforcement student or police department recruit. It is perfect for a foundation for the law enforcement student of as an effective guide for training recruits. It is widely used in community college police training courses, it works well in criminal justice courses as a policing supplement, and it was written by an experienced street officer for his fellow officers.”

One reader of Basic Patrol Procedures remarked, “The author uses a wealth of field experience, practical guidelines, and hypothetical scenarios to supplement the instructional material. There are also plenty of diagrams, pictures, and explanatory notes.  This is a required text for my students and should be for all police agencies wishing to give insightful yet full instruction to their students. I've seen larger books cover less material and do it with less effectiveness. This is a great book in its price range, and for that matter in the range of more expensive books.”

Basic Patrol Procedures: A Foundation for the Law Enforcement Student : A Review for the Veteran Officer
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The Practical Mock Scene Manual: A Complete Manual to Aid the Police Trainer
Tim Perry  More Info

About the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, established in 1853, is one of the oldest law enforcement organizations in the state of Washington. The sheriff's office budget for fiscal year 2006 was $3,086,424. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has 47 full-time positions, 12 reserve deputies, and 20 volunteers.  The sheriff’s office the two largest organization entities of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office are the Criminal Division and the Corrections Division.


Within the Criminal Division are the Deputies and Detectives. The primary function of the Criminal Division is law enforcement. Responding to citizen's calls for assistance, investigation of crimes committed, traffic law enforcement through pro-active traffic stops, and crime prevention through public education. The Criminal Division is supervised by the Undersheriff. The Criminal Division consists of several divisions which include Patrol and Investigations.


The Patrol Division is responsible for providing quality law enforcement services to unincorporated Jefferson County to include protection of life, property and preservation of the peace.  Patrol Deputies are responsible for covering approximately 400 miles of county roads throughout the 1,850 square miles of Jefferson County. The 13 patrol deputies respond to criminal as well as civil complaints, investigate crimes and traffic accidents, enforce traffic laws and serve civil papers.   The Detective Division is comprised of three detectives who are responsible for conducting complex and major criminal investigations. The most common types of cases investigated by the detectives include: death, felony assault, sexual assault, child/elder neglect and abuse, robbery, burglary, theft and fraud.


The Corrections Division is under the direction of a commander. The day to day supervision of the facility is under the direction of two sergeants. Besides the Commander and Sergeants, the total staffing of the Division includes 9 officers and 1 clerical support person, along with a part-time cook.  The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Corrections Division provides jail services for all law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County. The jail facility was built in 1986 as part of the Jefferson County Justice Center complex in Port Hadlock, Washington. The facility was originally constructed to house 37 inmates, but has since been expanded to house an additional 12 minimum security inmates for a total of 49. The Justice Center complex houses the facilities for the adult criminal justice system. The jail handled approximately 1,240 bookings in calendar year 2002.




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