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A Preparation Guide for the Assessment Center Method
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About the Denver Police Department 

In 2006, the Denver Police Department had more than 1400 sworn law enforcement employees and operated on a budget of over 42 million dollars.  The Denver Police Department is organized into two large bureaus: Operations and Administration.


The Operations Bureau is led by a Deputy Chief of Police and includes the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Special Operations Division and Intelligence Bureau.  The Patrol Division is “divided geographically into six decentralized district commands, each with a stand-alone station as its primary base of operations.  Each district command is comprised of patrol and investigative personnel, tasked with round-the-clock coverage.”


Command Operations Review and Evaluation (CORE), is “is one of the newer tactics adopted by the Denver Police Department in its battle against crime. The CORE process was implemented in 2005, based on the successful COMSTAT  model from New York City. This model has been successful throughout the country in helping police departments contain crime within their jurisdictions.


The CORE project brings commanders from each geographical patrol district of Denver together weekly to review trends and statistics, and to answer questions about crime in their area of responsibility. By studying recurring patterns, such as a spike in burglaries with a similar MO (Method of Operation), commanders are better able to devise solutions that result in earlier interventions, nipping crime in the bud.


As part of the CORE methodology, police officers are instructed to confront minor crimes, such as public nuisance infractions, as well as major ones. Policing minor crimes has proven effective in preventing their escalation, and helps people in the community feel safer.”



Denver Police Department 2006 Annual Report

Tina Lewis Rowe is a unique instructor, presenter, writer and consultant, who specializes in supervisory, leadership and professional development training and presentations for sworn and non-sworn members of law enforcement, as well as government and the private sector. Tina works with host agencies who sponsor training in exchange for complimentary registrations. Contact her through her website/training journal, www.tinalewisrowe.com, and take a leadership role in facilitating training for your organization and region.


Tina had a 34 year career in law enforcement, first with the Denver Police Department--where she began as a pioneer female police officer in 1969, became the department’s first female sergeant and honorably retired as a patrol captain--then as the Presidential appointed United States Marshal for Colorado during the Oklahoma City bombing trials and the aftermath of 9-11-01. She has been actively involved in training and presentations for 38 years and since 2002 has provided assistance to law enforcement, government and private sector individuals and organizations, full-time.


Her online training journal provides information for personal, professional and organizational development, in any career field. She is one of the “workplace doctors” on the Ask The Workplace Doctors website, a site that answers private sector workplace questions from around the world:




Tina Lewis Rowe's, A Preparation Guide For the Assessment Center Method (Charles C. Thomas, Publishers) has helped thousands of officers gain higher scores on their promotional processes. More importantly, it has provided them the skills and the focus to be their best in their jobs.


Tina Rowe's training style is unique, reflecting traditional values and the best of training methods, as well as a commitment to be a resource for every person in every audience. Contact her today to connect with a unique trainer and outstanding training for you and your organization.

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