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Down But Not Out
Tom Docherty  More Info

About the Houston Police


The Houston Police Department is organized into four main entities: Administrative Operations; Patrol Operations; Investigative Operations and Support Operations.  The Patrol Operations has the largest number of personnel and is divided into two commands: North Patrol Command and South Patrol Command.  The Investigative Operations are also divided into two commands: Criminal Investigations Command and Special Investigations Command.  The Criminal Investigations Command organizes the detectives like many police agencies, that is, by type of crime.  Detectives in the Criminal Investigations Command of the Houston Police Department work: Auto Theft; Burglary and Theft; Homicide; Juvenile and Robbery.  Because they are seen as more sensitive areas, major police departments tend to break out certain types of investigative functions under a specialized command, or with some specialized police command oversight.  Houston Police Department has chosen this path in its Special Investigations Command which is responsible for Criminal Intelligence; Gangs; Major Offenders; Narcotics and Vice.

Tom Docherty was hit head-on by a drunk driver on a Houston interstate. No one expected him to live, but his family prayed, and he held fast to the hope of recovery and once again returning to the police force that he had given his life to.

One reader of Down But Not Out said, “Once I picked up this book, I couldn't put it down. It held my attention until the very end. I just fell in love with Tom and his determination through the book. Joan Neubauer did a great job of telling this very inspirational story. My one question now: "Is Tom still a bachelor?" I'd love to meet him some time.”

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