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Fort Apache Bronx, NY
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Death of a Bronx Cop
Tom Walker  More Info

About the New York City Police Department 
For the enforcement of the law and the punishment of offenders there had already been erected (1693) a pillory, cage, whipping-post and ducking-stool, on the wharf in front of the City Hall. Hither were brought all vagrants, slanderers, pilferers, and truant children, to be exposed to the public gaze, and to receive such punishment as their offences might warrant. It may be fully understood that such punsihments were meted out with no lenient hand. Subsequently it was ordered that payment be made to Captain Brandrt Schuyler, Captain Ebenezer Willson, Captain John Marrott, Captain John De Bruyer, Captain John De Royster, Captain John Kip, and Captain John Tudor, "each ye sum of nine pounds, current money, of New York, itt being money by them disbursed for fire-wood and candles for ye night guards," from first August, 1696, to first August, 1697

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Retired NYPD Captain Tom Walker’s Fort Apache, Bronx, NY was written during the early 1970's.  According to one reviewer, “Fort Apache captures in vivid detail what it was like to work in the then busiest and deadliest precinct in New York. Walker describes the neighborhood and the cops who police it with uncanny accuracy. You will ride along with him to shootings, stabbings, muggings, and homicides. Walker captures the frustration and the dedication of the cops assigned to the 41st as they race from call to call in the seemingly endless parade of crime. A must read for those who enjoy true police stories.”  Walker followed up years later with “Death of a Bronx Cop,” a true story about survival and love in the face of tragedy by a fourth-generation New York city police officer.  In this book, Walker writes: "In the days, months and years to come, more New York City police will die. The official cause of death will be listed as suicide, heart attack, even homicide. In truth, the death certificate should read 'Organizational Murder--N.Y.C.P.D.'"

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