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Electric Sewer
Trebor Nehoc  More Info

Trebor Nehoc is a pseudonym (and, an anagram) for Robert Cohen a retired captain in the New York City Police Department. 

Trebor Nehoc, a former New York City Transit Police Officer, he makes good use of his sense of humor combined with the gritty reality of how it was then.  His work, “The Electric Sewer,” is a rollercoaster ride through the final ten years of the New York City Transit Police, following the feckless Police Officer Trebor Nehoc on patrol from the police academy, through promotions, transfers and the takeover of the Transit Police by the New York Police Department.  The book’s comic-strip format is complemented by cartoon illustrations originally seen on underground t-shirts “back in the day.”  This seemingly aimless romp is ever optimistic, always true-cop, and very New York.”

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