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Undercover Operations Survival in Narcotics Investigations
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Currently an investigator with the California Department of Insurance, Fraud Bureau, Tony Alvarez’s law enforcement career began with the Los Angeles Police Department spanned more than twenty-six years.  For twenty-one of his twenty-six years with LAPD, he was a detective assigned to Narcotics Division.  As a Detective supervisor assigned to the Major Violator Section of the Narcotics Group (LAPD), Detective Tony Alvarez gained extensive experience in the field of undercover operations, surveillance and informant control, development and management.


Tony Alvarez has been a contributing writer for the California Narcotic Officer's Association quarterly magazine. He is an instructor for the California Narcotic Officer's Association on Narcotic Officer Survival and has made his training presentations at the FBI Academy in Quantico (Virginia); and, has also instructed local, state and federal officers nationwide. In 1995, Detective Alvarez was awarded the DEA Award of Valor, the INEOA Medal of Valor and the Al Steward Memorial Award (California Narcotic Officer of the Year). In 1996, he was awarded the LAPD Medal of Valor. He is the author of Undercover Operations Survival in Narcotics Investigations.


According to the book description of Undercover Operations Survival in Narcotics Investigations, “undercover work is one of the most dangerous yet challenging types of police investigation, requiring extensive tactical preparedness and close continuing assessment throughout the operation.  If proper planning is lacking, explosive conflict can occur without warning.  The author presents the wide range of considerations necessary to execute safe undercover teamwork, eliminating complacency, demonstrating how to seize contraband, obtain evidence and arrest violators.  Conducted properly and safely, investigations provide immediate gratification to all involved.  Furthermore, the techniques and procedures outline in this book can be easily adapted to any undercover operation.”

Undercover Second Edition
Carmine J. Motto  More Info

Dale L. June has been a Police Officer, U.S. Secret Service Agent, U.S. Customs Intelligence Specialist, Private Investigator, Executive Protection and Security Specialist, and University Instructor. He began his protective service career as an eighteen-year-old soldier assigned to an elite military police unit in Germany responsible for the protection of the Commanding General.


After his military service, Dale June settled in California where he worked as a Shasta County Deputy Sheriff, a Redding and Sacramento Police Department (California) police officer while attending college. Graduating with a BS degree from Sacramento State University in Public Administration, he joined the U.S. Secret Service in the Sacramento field office. Dale L. June was assigned to the White House for five years during the Nixon and Ford Administrations. He also was involved with protecting many other high-ranking American and foreign dignitaries, including Presidents Carter and Reagan. During his tenure with the Secret Service, he participated in many trip advances, worked closely with the White House Press Corps, and was a presidential driver for nearly two years. While assigned to the Presidential Protective Division he obtained a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from George Washington University.


His Secret Service duties included a two-year assignment as a protective intelligence agent responsible for investigating threats against those protected by the service, interviewing those responsible for the threats, and determining the degree of potential danger they posed.


Upon leaving the Secret Service, Dale L. June started his own executive protection company, providing security to European and Middle Eastern royalty, celebrities, including many well-known television and movie personalities, VIPs, corporate executives, and an occasional foreign tourist. Later, he returned to government service as a U.S. Customs Intelligence Research Specialist assigned to working terrorism and organized crime.  Dale L. June is the author of two books: Introduction to Executive Protection and Protection, Security, and Safeguards: Practical Approaches and Perspectives.  He is also the co-author of Undercover.


Undercover “was originally published by C.C. Thomas in 1971. It approaches the topic from three angles: How to handle informants, how to investigate suspects, and how to be an undercover agent. The book quickly became the classic text for a whole generation of law enforcement personnel, and the name of Carmine Motto, now retired from the secret service, is Motto's agent with the suggestion that we reprint. I countered that we might consider a completely revised edition if June, on of our authors and a fine writer, would agree to co-author. Motto and June have enthusiastically agreed to work together to modernize the writing, replace the photographs, and update the cases. Other revisions are listed below in the key features section.”

Decoy Ops: Fighting Street Crime Undercover
Charles Beene  More Info

Capt. Charles Beene retired from the San Francisco Police Department after 28 years of service. He successfully supervised crowd control for such major events as the 1984 Democratic National Convention and two Super Bowl victory parades that drew 700,000 people each, as well as scores of demonstrations for and against various social and political issues.

Going Undercover
Jerry VanCook  More Info

Jerry VanCook holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice and an M.A. in English, and has been involved in law enforcement for nearly thirty years.  Jerry VanCook began his law enforcement career with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office (Oklahoma) and ended it assigned to the Special Operations Unit of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. A long time practioner of marshal art, Jerry VanCook earned his first Black Belt in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate.  Jerry VanCook is the author of Going Undercover: Secrets And Sound Advice For The Undercover Officer; Real World Self-Defense: A Guide To Staying Alive In Dangerous Times; and, Volume No. 189 in the Executioner series.

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