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University of North Texas Police Department

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West Gilbreath

About the University of North Texas Police Department

The University of North Texas Police Department was established in 1970. The main responsibility of the department was the physical security of the university campus. As the department evolved, the responsibilities of the department changed dramatically. Today, the department is a full service police operation with two prestigious law enforcement accreditations. 


The University of North Texas Police Department is organized into a Patrol Division and Support Services Division. Uniformed police officers in the Patrol Division conduct patrols over the entire campus and adjacent areas. These patrols may include vehicular, bicycle, or foot patrols, and may be in conjunction with other agencies.  The University of North Texas Police Department also has specialized units such as Internal Affairs Criminal Investigations; Critical Incident Response Team; Planning and Research; Bicycle Patrol; K-9; Crime Prevention; Communications; Alarm Services; and, Records.



Selected book by a University of North Texas Police Department law enforcement official.

Death on the Gallows: The Story of Legal Hangings in New Mexico, 1847-1923
West C. Gilbreath  More Info

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