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Jerry C. Scott

About the Utah County Sheriff's Office

The Utah County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of Utah County and contract cities, as well as co-operative support services to local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies and organizations.  The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is organized into a number of division, units and sections.


As with most Sheriff organizations, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office has a patrol division, investigations division and several divisions and units responsible for county corrections and court security.  As an example, the Judicial Services unit of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office is “responsible for the around-the-clock security of the Historic County Courthouse, County Administration Building, State Administration building, as well as the Fourth District Court Building. Protection of employees assigned to the specified buildings. Handle requests from employees and general public for assistance and enforcement. Responds to calls for emergency service, ie. ambulance, fire, and police matters.”


Under the direction of a Lieutenant, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office coordinates the Utah County Sex Crimes Task force.  Their mission is “to serve and protect victims of physical and sexual abuse. We strive to restore dignity to victims while bringing their offenders to justice. The goal of the Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force is to minimize or prevent further trauma to victims of sexual assault or child physical abuse and to increase the number of successful prosecutions for these types of crimes. A multi-disciplinary team approach will enhance the investigation and minimize further or unnecessary contact with victims of these crimes. The Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force and Utah County Sheriff's Office is responsible for registering all sex offenders not under the supervision of Adult Probation and Parole and will actively pursue those offenders not complying with the requirements of State Statute and condition of the State of Utah Sex Offender Registry.”




Selected book from a Utah County Sheriff's Office law enforcement official.

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