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In 1991, Victor Cass joined the Pasadena Police Department.  An artist and writer, Victor is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design.  In addition to his duties as a police officer, he has created a diverse portfolio of artwork; designing the cover of the Pasadena Police Department’s “Pasadena Welcomes the World” pamphlet for World Cup Soccer matches at the Rose Bowl to having original paintings exhibited a prestigious art galleries.  From 1994 to 1997, Victor Cass served as a patrol officer and a Community Policing Officer.  In 1998, he was promoted to detective; and, in the same year designed the official logo for the XXXIII California Police Summer Games.   Victor Cass’ published his first book, Love, Death, and Other War Stories: Tales of Crime and Punishment in the Wild West, in 2005. 

According to the book description of Love, Death, and Other War Stories: Tales of Crime and Punishment in the Wild West, “Pasadena Police Detective Roy Gildard finds himself on a collision course with the ruthless gangster, Johnny "One Shot" King. Roy is determined to catch Johnny, whose vicious gang, the P-9s, gets involved in a turf war with the Squiggly Lane Gangsters. In the meantime, Roy finds true love and a deeper meaning to his life when his cop friend and ex-lover, Mary Eloyan, sets him up with the pretty but troubled LA Sheriff’s Deputy Laura Reel.

Helping Roy battle the gangsters is veteran training officer, George Denney, a suspected racist who gets a soft spot for his rookie trainee, the beautiful, mixed African-American officer, Ingrid Neilson. Together, their efforts to catch Johnny are almost thwarted by the German-Mexican siblings, Karl and Noemi Bernau, whose red harvest has struck terror in the immigrant community. What the beautiful people don’t know can hurt them, as the bodies pile up in Pasadena.

According to one reader of Love, Death and Other War Stories, it “is an excellent read for those who enjoy police or action novels. It's a bit slow getting started, but once all the characters have been introduced it moves quickly through continual action, both in the long-term plot and in the daily interactions between the Pasadena police and their neighborhoods. Told from the standpoints of everyday cops on the beat, an ongoing series of vignettes gives a good look at their feelings, motivations and reactions to their work. Cass's characters, unlike the standard cop-fiction action heroes, are reality-based- insecure, confused, humorous and caring. In addition, the plotline (like real life) is unpredictable, keeping the reader on edge. Though the book is graphic, sexually explicit at times, and scatters four-letter words throughout (not for the faint-hearted), it is enjoyable and closes with an unexpected and truly heartwarming twist. This is less an action novel than a good, close-up look inside the world of law enforcement. Add this to your summer reading list.”

According to the book description of Telenovela, “Life can be one big soap opera when culture clashes with romance and infidelity. When legal secretary Lorena Sandoval chooses to be single and celibate while waiting for the right man, she bumps into Miriya, a determined girl on the go, whose womanizing hunk of a boyfriend, Arturo, is cheating on her. Lorena learns of this affair while she and Miriya became fast friends. What Lorena doesn't know is that Miriya has been having a secret fling of her own with a mysterious lover. Lorena later thinks she's met the right man in art store manager Steven Meztaz. But the real trouble begins when she introduces Steven to Miriya! It's girl's night out, friendship drama, and sexy romps in the land of the telenovela!”

Love, Death, and Other War Stories: Tales of Crime and Punishment in the Wild West
Victor Cass  More Info

Victor Cass  More Info

About The Pasadena Police Department

The Pasadena Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency located in the foothills of Southern California.  In addition to having traditional field operations and conducting criminal investigations, the Pasadena Police Department also has innovative units such as Neighborhood Action Teams and Air Support.

According to the Pasadena Police Department, “Under the Community Service Policing Program, personnel assigned to the Patrol Section are responsible for responding to calls for service and working with the community to develop solutions to problems that impact the quality of life in their respective neighborhoods.  In addition to Patrol functions, these duties include the Park Safety Specialists (PSS), Neighborhood Action Team (NAT), the Homeless Outreach Psychiatric Evaluation Team (HOPE) and the K-9's.

The Pasadena Police Detective Section is comprised of 50 persons and is supervised by 1 lieutenant, 4 sergeants, and 1 forensic supervisor. There are currently 27 detectives from the Pasadena Police Department assigned to the unit, one arson investigator from the Pasadena Fire Department and one investigator from the Pasadena Unified School Police augment the Detective Section, as well as 9 forensic specialists.  5 full time staff assistants, one part-time employee and one civilian volunteer are also assigned to the Detective Section.  The Detective Section is responsible for effectively identifying, apprehending, and assisting in the prosecution of those responsible for crimes.  They also analyze crime tends and patterns so as to proactively intervene with appropriate resources. Detectives are normally assigned to specific types of crimes to investigate.  This allows each Detective to develop an area of expertise, become very proficient and knowledgeable, well developing professional associations with other Law Enforcement agencies.  

The Pasadena Police Department created a Helicopter Section in 1969. Since that historic day, the department has established itself as a leader in the law enforcement and aviation community.

The Neighborhood Action Team (NAT) is a problem-oriented bicycle-policing unit that solves neighborhood problems.  The Neighborhood Action Team strives to be world class and engages the community to mutually solve neighborhood problems and work in partnership with all the diverse residential and business communities of the city, wherever people live, work, or visit, to enhance public safety and to reduce the fear and incidence of crime.”

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