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Vincent Formosa

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Police Constable Vincent Formosa, Barnsley police, “is a writer who specializes in historical military fiction. Having grown up in the North of England, he studied at Cardiff University attaining a degree in Ancient History. Along the way, he has been a salesman, games tester and network administrator. Vincent Formosa is the author of The Eagles of Peenemunde.

According to the book description of The Eagles of Peenemunde, “May 1944, The eve of the invasion of Europe. An ambitious American reconnaissance pilot was tasked with a simple mission: fly over a secret enemy installation, take some photographs and fly home. However...things are about to become a lot more complicated, as they are matched against a remorseless enemy who will stop at nothing to get what they want from them.

A dedicated German test pilot finds old demons returning with a vengeance, and their loyalty is tested to the limit. It's not easy making a decision that goes against everything you've ever known. Alone and isolated, they are about to discover that in a world at war, friends can be found in the most unlikely of places.”

The Eagles of Peenemunde
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