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Volitta Fritsche

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Volitta Fritsche is a detective sergeant with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department.  In addition to her 18 years with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department (Indiana), she has an additional 8 years experience in the criminal justice system having worked as a dispatcher, corrections officer and court reporter.  She has written three books, Deadly Decisions which is the story of a mother’s search for her missing son, and a children’s book, Genuine; and, White Lies.

About the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department

The new maximum security jail was built in 1991 to replace the outdated jail on Washington Street that was built to hold 54 inmates. The new facility houses an average of 180 prisoners each day and has a maximum capacity of 199. This facility is able to hold every type of prisoner from suspected murderers and other violent felons to those charged with civil contempt. Prisoners are also held for the U.S. Marshal's Service and the Indiana Department of Correction. The jail employees up to 40 staff members. The Communications Division consists of a Chief of Communications, eight Dispatchers and four Control Operators.


The Reserve Division consists of up to forty members who volunteer their time to help both the citizens and Sheriff of Morgan County. The department educates and trains these volunteers to work the same as the Merit Deputies. The reserves are all sworn officers and have the same police powers as any other officer.\





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