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W. D. James

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W. D. James has been an EMT for ten years and a police officer in Pennsylvania for eight years.   W.D. James is the author of In Another Life, Thirty and Two and Drop a Dime.

According to the book description of In Another Life, “Police Detective Roger Mackay’s chance encounter with a woman whose reflection he saw for only a fleeting moment in a grocery store deli case leads him on an adventure that forces him to question coincidence, time and ultimately, whether he can alter the course of fate. Mackay balances police work, love and crushing loss, his choices leading him to either a new beginning with a soul mate or to a lonely, tragic end. Can Mackay change events or will he be forced to watch it all slip through his fingers, knowing what might have been?”


According to the description of Thirty and Two, “Thirty compressions, two breaths takes the reader inside the world of off-duty Sgt. Bobby Morris, as a quick coffee and a cruller instantly turn into a fight between life and death for a seventeen year-old woman injured in an automobile accident. The incident takes on a whole new level of urgency when Morris recognizes the woman as one of a group of senior girl scouts he mentored. Battling time, a leaking gas tank and his own memories, Morris struggles to save the girl. Will Morris’ first aid and CPR skills help save the girl or will she succumb to her injuries?”


According to the book description of Drop a Dime, “Rookie police officer Roger Mackay, acting on tips from a mysterious informant, solves crimes and saves lives. Who is this concerned citizen and why is he helping Rog?”

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