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The Aquarius conspiracy: A novel
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Help Murder Police
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About the Oberlin Police Department 

The town of Oberlin is the parish seat of Allen Parish, in the US state of Louisiana. As of the 2000 census, the town had a population of 1,853.

According to the book description of The Aquarius Conspiracy it “is a history lesson of turbulent political years of the early 1970's, particularly in New Orleans, where at Southern University in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, political rising was shaped. Evidently, public opinion was such that no political significance was given to blacks in New Orleans. The facts tell us that there was evidence of such a revolutionary movement, which in the story, is called the Black Liberation Front (BLF). Detective Danny Cocchiara and his new black partner discover that they share a common culture, and then, with candor and humor, they learn how to work together in a period of racial tension. This suspenseful story ends only when Major Cocchiara confronts the Archbishop of New Orleans, who then unravels the mystery.”

According to the book description of Freeze! A Guide to Safe Travel in the United States, it “was conceived by Dr. Wade Schindler when he was called as an expert witness in a notorious trial involving the death of a young Japanese exchange student in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The young student, Yoshi Hattori, looking for directions to a party, approached a home and was killed by the homeowner, Rodney Peairs, who mistakenly thought the youth was attempting to enter his home. Because of the language barrier and not being familiar with U.S. customs, Yoshi Hattori did not understand when Mr. Peairs shouted out the commonly used American term, "Freeze!"

Dr. Schindler developed the idea of a guidebook for the foreign traveler to the United States-a guidebook that would go beyond the ordinary travel guide to give visitors to this country insight into ways of protecting themselves from the all too common criminal attacks in the United States. The book discusses every aspect of safety from living arrangements to travel by automobiles, planes and trains, as well as how to sightsee and shop safely. Dr. Schindler has been involved in law enforcement and private security for many years. A professor of criminal justice and criminology at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Schindler is a nationally recognized expert witness incases involving self-defense, law enforcement and security matters.”

Dr. Wade D. Schindler is an adjunct professor of criminal justice and criminology at Tulane University in New Orleans. Dr. Schindler has testified on numerous court cases in the past twenty-five years involving law enforcement and security. Dr. Schindler began his career as a police officer and homicide detective and later served as Commander of the New Orleans Police Department Training Division. In 1974 he became the chief of police for the Oberlin Police Department.

He is the author of several books and provided security consultant services for many events that took place in the New Orleans Superdome including the Republican National Convention (1988), Pope John Paul II's visit (1990), and Super Bowl XXIV (1990). Dr. Schindler is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security and International Association of Chiefs of Police. He is a diplomat and a fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners. Dr. Schindler is a Certified Protection Professional. He assists attorneys, business owners and insurance companies with liability claims related to third party criminal injury. Dr. Schindler is a certified National Rifle Association law enforcement firearms instructor and is certified in the states of Louisiana and Florida to train security officers.

According to the book description of Help! Murder! Police!, “Take a 26-year-old divorced Vietnam veteran with a roving eye. Put him on the streets of New Orleans' historic French Quarter in the spring of 1973-with the war and "the 60s" winding down, and Watergate and the women's movement winding up. Give him a uniform and a gun. And stand back.

Help! Murder! Police! Is a cop's cop novel. It zeroes in on the day-to-day mission of an average patrolman on the streets of one of America's most intriguing cities at a critical moment in the history of the American psyche. It is the story of a man of his times trying to come to terms with violence, racism, corruption-and women. In its reflection of the everydayness of the policing business and its concern for the growth of its brash "hero," the novel strives to "tell it like it is." Often surprising, sometimes sobering it is never without a wry sense of the comedy of the human condition. Names have been changed to protect the innocent-and the guilty.”

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