Modern Policing was born on June 19, 1829, with the passge of Sir Robert Peel's Bill.

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Waltham Police Department (Massachusetts)

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Robert S. Stering

About the Waltham Police Department 

According to William E. Lavash, “The first official police officer in Waltham, Massachusetts, was James Coolidge.   He was appointed in the year 1852, when Waltham was still a town and had a population of only 17,000. The local lockup, as it was referred to in those days, was located in portion of the Alvin L. Jewell and Company weather vane factory.  The factory was located on the southwest corner of Main and Elm Streets, a site that is now occupied by the Waltham City Hall.  The factory served as the police station until 1871, when larger quarters were provided.  During that year the old brick District 1 schoolhouse was altered and converted into a police station.  This building was located on the southeast corner of Lexington and School Streets, and adjacent to land which was eventually to be used as the site of a new police building.”

Today, the Waltham Police Department is a modern agency which has many functions including an Auxiliary police component.  According to the Waltham Police Department, “The Waltham Auxiliary Police Department is a volunteer organization of men and women between the ages of 18 and 70 that are committed to the safety and well being of the Citizens of Waltham. Its primary goal is to make the city of Waltham a safer community in which to live. In addition to patrolling, throughout the calendar year, the Waltham Auxiliary Police Officers provide traffic support and security for road and bicycle races, parades, municipal and private events and functions. Through the support of Chief Edward J Drew, the Waltham Auxiliary Police Department has been recognized as one of the leading Auxiliary Departments in the state. The training received in the program is excellent and creates a solid foundation to build upon to further ones career in Law Enforcement.”

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