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Warm Springs Tribal Police (Oregon)

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Enes Smith

About the Warm Springs Tribal Police

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (Oregon) consists 4,000 tribal members from the Wasco and Pauite Native American tribes in Central Oregon. In 1937, the three tribes organized as the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon by adopting a constitution and by-laws for tribal government. In 1938, they formally accepted a corporate charter from the United States for their business endeavors. These organizational documents declared a new period of tribal self-government on the Warm Springs Reservation.


Warm Springs Tribal Police activity is administered through the Tribal Chief Operating Officer as a Branch of the Tribal administration.  Currently called the Public Safety Branch, the Warm Springs Tribal Police share the following mission with other public safety departments: “Provide a safe community by protecting life and property on the Warm Springs Reservation and ensuring the rights of all community members are given due consideration and protection by the Tribes.”


The public safety branch consists of the following departments: Corrections; Support Services; Patrol & Community Policing; Criminal Investigation; Fire & Safety; Juvenile Coordinator; Tribal Prosecutor; Parole & Probation; and, Victims of Crime.




Selected book from a Warm Springs Tribal Police Department police officer.

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