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Warner Jack Berry

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When You're the Only Cop in Town (Gryphon Books for Writers)
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About the Lakeview Police Department

Lakeview is a small town with a population of nearly 800.  The Lakeview Police Department has a chief of police and one police officer.  The department is located at 14 Skyles Lane.

Warner Jack Berry served for twenty years in law enforcement in the cities of Memphis (Tennessee) Dallas (Texas) and West Helena (Arkansas).  In  1982, he continued his law enforcement career for another 18 years when he became the chief of police of the Lakeview Police Department (Arkansas).  After retiring from the Lakeview Police Department (Arkansas), he became the Justice of the Peace in Blake County (Arknasas). Jack Berry is the Author of When You are the Only Cop in Town: A writer's guide to small town law enforcement.


 According to the book description of When you are the Only Cop in Town, it is “An indispensable guide to facts, procedures, and the how-to's of small town law enforcement from Debra Dixon, author of GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict. Jack Berry has over 30 years in law enforcement, the last 17 as Chief in a small town. He also happens to be Debra's dad. Crack the covers of this book and enjoy a writer's feast of the funny, the odd, and the mundane. Find out what you need to know and what it's really like on the mean streets of Smallville, U.S.A.”

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