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Warren V. Pope

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Sergeant Warren V. Pope, New Orleans Police Department (ret.) is the author of Growing up in Blue, Running from the Police and ...from the bottom of my City.

According to the book description of Growing up in Blue, “this is a narrative of a young Officer's journey through the New Orleans Police Department, told in a series of tales…humor being a necessary part of such a narrative.”

According to the book description of Running from the Police, “This Volume is an Introduction to a much larger story. It is a tale of the evolution of a Law Enforcement Officer from one who was there.”

According to the book description of...from the bottom of my City, “from the bottom of my City is a collection of short stories that recalls a young man's growth from naïve rookie to seasoned veteran, with a few other recollections thrown in to balance the impression the collection offers. Being a cop unavoidably involves politics which often distracts one from accomplishing his mission. Frustration and Laughter go hand-in-hand in the humid, nitty-gritty streets of the magical City that is New Orleans.”




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