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Washakie County Sheriff's Department (Wyoming)

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Martin Turner

About the Washakie County Sheriff’s Department

Washakie County was created in 1911 and named after Chief Washakie, leader of the Shoshone Nation.  It was formerly a pat of Big Horn County.  Currently, there are only three towns within Washakie County, Ten Sleep, Winchester and Worland.  Worland is the county Seat. Law enforcement in Washakie County consists of the Worland Police Department and Washakie County Sheriff's Department.  Both are housed in the Law Enforcement Center in downtown Worland.


Both of these departments work closely together to coordinate efforts on juvenile crime enforcement.  Recently a zero tolerance policy on the use of drugs and alcohol by juveniles has been put into force.  to further increase protection of youth from the affects of alcohol, all law enforcement vehicles are currently equipped with alcohol sensors. 


Educating the community's youth has a high priority with Washakie County Law Enforcement as a preventative measure in reducing juvenile crime.  Both the Sheriff's and Police Departments are actively involved in a Community Safety Day in the spring, Substance Abuse Education Week, Bicycle Safety Week and Bike rodeo, and safety city to prepare young students for school.







Selected book by a Washakie County Sheriff's Department deputy sheriff.

A Common Sense Guide to Raising Your Children: from a Cop's Perspective
Martin J. Turner  More Info

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