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Reflections from the Shield: The Final Years
Wayne E. Beyea  More Info

Reflections from the Shield
Wayne E. Beyea  More Info

Fatal Impeachment
Wayne Beyea  More Info

The Day the Catskills Cried: A True Crime Story
Wayne Beyea  More Info
The Captain of the Juniper
Wayne E. Beyea  More Info

According to the book description of The Treasure of Valcour Island, "It was difficult to hide a body thirty feet long, two to four feet thick, and weighing nearly six thousand pounds, but he knew every inch of the half-mile long, pitch-black cavern... He stretched his massive, dark body against the cool stone wall and tried to blend into the dissipating darkness near the far end of the cavern. The Treasure of Valcour Island is a unique blending of science, history, science fiction, terrorism, and murder into a crime fiction recipe so exciting that readers will want to consume it in one sitting. Detective Tom Weston is disturbed to find his friend's truck abandoned in a park late one night. This one discovery launches Tom on an investigation of prehistoric proportions. With his nephew in a coma and more bodies turning up every day, Detective Tom Weston has too many questions without answers. The key to cracking the case lay with The Treasure of Valcour Island.

According to the book description of The Day the Catskills Cried: A True Crime Story, “On May 24, 1977, Trudy Resnick Farber was abducted from her home by a masked, armed intruder, taken to a remote wooded mountainside and buried alive! A million dollar ransom demand was made for her release. The Day the Catskills Cried is the complete and true story concerning a horrific crime that shook the Catskill region of New York.”

About the New York State Police

In 1913, a construction foreman named Sam Howell was murdered during a payroll robbery in Westchester County. Because Westchester County was a very rural area then, there was no local police department and Mr. Howell's murderers escaped, even though he identified them before he died.


 his vicious crime spurred Mr. Howell's employer, Moyca Newell (left) and her friend, Katherine Mayo (right), to initiate a movement to form a State Police department to provide police protection to rural areas.


As a result of their efforts, the State Legislature established the New York State Police as a full service police agency on April 11, 1917.


Since the first 237 men rode out of their training camp on horseback to begin patrolling rural areas, troopers have been there to fulfill the law enforcement needs of the people of New York State with the highest degree of fairness, professionalism and integrity.


During the 1990s, the New York State Police focused on three primary objectives: dealing with the rising tide of violent crime, much of it drug related; increasing cooperative ventures with local law enforcement agencies to more efficiently and effectively provide police services to the people of New York; and preparing for the challenges of the rapidly approaching 21st Century.





Wayne Beyea retired after a 25-year career in the New York State Police as Trooper, Investigator and Senior Investigator. He supervised a very busy detective unit located in the Hudson Valley for and was specially trained in hostage negotiation and suicide intervention. He supervised design of New York State Police hostage negotiation training program and “First Officer Response to High Crisis Incident program.” In retirement he is a freelance writer and author of five books.


According to the book description of Reflections From The Shield, “In 1962, the author embarked on a career with the New York State Police that would span a quarter century. More than just a career, it was a 25 year labor of love and personal sacrifice. A roller coaster ride of challenge, adventure, excitement, exhilaration, danger, fear, anger, sadness, happiness, joy, chastisement, and reward. Readers of Reflections From The Shield will experience a wide range of emotions as they visit true events portraying humor, sadness, and horrific crime. They will learn of a criminal justice system in disarray and learn how New York State downplayed corruption in one of its largest state agencies.”

According to the book description of Reflections From The Shield: Volume III The Final Years, “Emotionally evocative, Reflections From The Shield is an exciting portrayal of the author's career in a family known as the New York State Police. A 25 year labor of love and personal sacrifice. Reflections From The Shield is a unique true life, entertaining adventure story that inspires laughter and tears. A life story so exciting it had to be told. Readers are treated to horrific crime stories, while at the same time provided insight and education into the workings of the criminal justice system in New York State.” 

According to the book description of Fatal Impeachment, “A tenacious young State Police Investigator develops circumstantial evidence identifying a suspect in a rape/murder case. Incredibly, that suspect is the President of the United States. The murder was committed while he was a student in college and went unsolved for 25 years. President Thurston Winslow is an extremely powerful and popular president, and when he realizes that State Police Investigator Ron Keston is investigating him, wields his power and has Keston assassinated. Lieutenant Richard Miranda, Keston's supervisor, commences an investigation and survives a diabolical attempt to destroy his career and, later, an attempt at assassination because of intuition, intelligence, skill and lots of luck. Miranda utilizes his own brand of diabolical skill to develop prima facie evidence against the President, but is unable to cause his arrest and flounders in frustration. The President seems above the law and too powerful for prosecution. By fate or divine intervention, Miranda connects with the rape/murder victim's brother and sister who, over the course of years since their sister's death, entered careers which provide them access to the President. A race begins to destroy the most powerful man in the world before he destroys them. Who wins? The excitement mounts and climaxes in a crescendo of irony. Author Bio: Wayne Beyea is presently Juvenile Justice Coordinator, Clinton County, New York.”

According to the book description of The Captain of the Juniper, “Brooklyn-born Frank F. Pabst, inspired by a strong desire for independence, excitement, and prosperity, began working as a crewman on a river ship at age eleven, converted a sunken ship's pilothouse into a teenage clubhouse, and plunged into the hold of a sunken tea schooner at the age of thirteen. As part of his love affair with Lake Champlain, Pabst then captained the tour boat Juniper for twenty-five years. During the course of those twenty-five years, thousands of visitors boarded a vessel more resembling a stout and sturdy tugboat than a pleasure cruise to be greeted by the words, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Juniper." Pabst conveyed a great love for the lake and shared his vast knowledge of the lake's history, including tales of the unsolved mystery of whether a dinosaur-like creature referred to as "Champ", or "Champy," dwells within the lake's depths. Many of them fondly remember their scenic, breathtakingly beautiful cruises with Pabst. So embark with The Captain of the Juniper on a cruise through the life of a simple man who, through his devotion to the lake, became one of the most beloved and legendary characters in the history of Lake Champlain.”

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