The Political Era of Policing is so named beause officers were appointed by local politicians.

A Concise History of American Policing
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Wexford County Sheriff's Office (Michigan)

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Duff Lueder

About the Wexford County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff’s Office provides 24 hour public safety services that includes: a Law Enforcement division, Corrections division, 9-1-1 Central Dispatch, and Animal Control division. The department provides 24 hour emergency and non-emergency incident response, investigative services, traffic enforcement, drug and alcohol enforcement, school liaison services, the DARE program, and other community policing initiatives.


The department is staffed with approximately 55 employees and is responsible for criminal justice services; inmate care, custody, and control; animal control services; 9-1-1 dispatching of police, fire, and EMS; Marine, Snowmobile, and ORV patrol; and support services. Officers are also assigned to various teams such as the County Dive Team, Emergency Response Team, Crime Scene Technicians, Accident Investigators, and Fire Investigators.


The office is staffed by three clerical employees who are responsible for police reports, firearm registration and permit issuance, civil paper filings, inmate housing, fingerprinting, and accounting responsibilities.



Selected book by a Wexford County Sheriff's Office deputy sheriff.

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