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Wichita Falls Police Department (Texas)

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C.C. "Bud" Daniels

About the Wichita Falls Police Department

The Wichita Falls Police Department was established in 1890, and the first Chief of Police was Charles Bryan, who served from 1891-1906. Bryan had a force of four Officers. There have been a total of 22 Police Chiefs from 1890-2006. The longest serving Chief was C.C “Bud “Daniel, who served 28 years as Chief from 1949-1977. The WFPD has grown with the population of Wichita Falls, 1891 there was a force of a total of five officers, the population was 1,987, in 1931 there were 47 officers and the population had grown to 43,690. In 2006 the Police Department is authorized to have 197 sworn officers, 90 civilian positions, and the population is approximately 106,000.  


The first police station was located at 1000 Ohio; it was used for many years until the present building at 610 Holliday Street was constructed in 1965. The building housed the entire police department, the city jail, and the municipal court. In 1981 Municipal Court was moved to its present location at 611 Bluff. In 1986 the building was renovated, the city jail was closed and the bottom floor was converted to classrooms and offices. The asbestos ceiling was removed and the Computer Aided Dispatch System was added. The Wichita County Sheriff’s Department took over jail operations in exchange for the city providing dispatch services for the county. 


In February 1957 the first formal Wichita Falls Police Academy began, the first class had 8 graduates. Over the years the academy size varied depending on manpower shortages.  The smallest class was the 15th which had 4 graduates in September 1962.  The largest class was the 54th which had 20 graduates in May 2001. 


In 2005 the City of Wichita Falls completed the Public Safety Training Center at 710 Flood Street. The new dispatch system, as well as training operations and offices were moved to that location. The old dispatch system at 610 Holliday has been preserved to use as a backup in a disaster situation.


The Department consists of two main Divisions: Field Services and Support Services; a Deputy Chief commands each division. Field Services is the largest and most visible division of the department. It consists of the primarily uniformed officers: Patrol, Traffic, and Community Services. Support Services consists of specialized units that are critical to the department: Criminal Investigations, Narcotics, Training, Tactical, Task Force, Communications, and Records. The Department has several specialized units which require extensive training and are comprised of Officers from every division. They are; Scuba Team, SWAT, Honor Guard, K-9 Unit, DARE, Crime Prevention, and Polygraph.




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