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About the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office is a full service law enforcement agency that is organized into three large bureaus: Administrative, enforcement and custody.

According to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, “The Administration Bureau has several other divisions, the Fiscal Division, Coroner Division, Civil Division, Training Division, Records Division, and Recruiting Division. The Administration staff provides direct support to the Corrections and Enforcement Operations Bureaus. The Professional Standards Division encompasses the following components: Internal Affairs, Employee Testing, Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation and Public Information Requests. A Sheriff’s Commander oversees the Division. The Professional Standards Commander is also the Sheriff’s Office Equal Employment Officer and the Sheriff’s Office Loss Prevention Committee Chairman.

Enforcement Operations Bureau has several other divisions, the Narcotics Division, Investigations Division, Homeland Security Division,  Crime Prevention Unit, Special Operations Division and Other Teams & Units. Chief Deputy John Darling is in charge of the Enforcement Operations Bureau, and Captain Charles Monarque serves as the Bureau Captain.

The Sheriff’s Patrol Division provides a full range of law enforcement and related emergency response services to a resident population of approximately 110,000 (unincorporated areas) over an area of 3,325 square miles.

The Sheriff’s Patrol Division operates out of three stations. The Central Station (Salinas) patrols all of North County, the Salinas Valley south to Gonzales and west, halfway to Monterey. The Coastal (Monterey) Station covers unincorporated areas of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel Valley and the coastal areas to the San Luis Obispo County line. The South County (King City) Station, provides coverage of southern Monterey County from Gonzales south to the San Luis Obispo County line, and west to the ridgeline of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range.

The Custody Operations Bureau has another division, the Court Services Division, and both are commanded by Chief Ray McLaughlin and Captain Pat Hunton, along with five commanders and nineteen sergeants. At full staff, one hundred and forty four deputies and forty-five professional staff are assigned to the Custody Operations Bureau.”

Sergeant William J. Cassara of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office (California) is the author of number law enforcement related articles as well as the book Edgar Kennedy: Master of the Slow Burn.  The book is about the comic Edgar Kennedy who appeared in over 400 movies and one of Laurel & Hardy's most popular co-stars.

According to one reader of Edgar Kennedy, “This book is a wondrously researched, beautifully told life story of Edgar Kennedy, the beloved comedian who is remembered for having been a Mack Sennett Keystone Cop, later foil to Hal Roach stars (Laurel & Hardy, Charley Chase, Our Gang), and later still as the star of the fondly recalled "Average Man" two-reel comedy series at RKO. Author Bill Cassara has done Edgar proud, including as much detail and as many rare photographs as possible in this handsome-looking softcover edition. Mr. Cassara had access to the memories and collections of the Kennedy family, making this a definitive biography as well as a delightful examination at some of Edgar's most memorable film roles. The book is a labor of love that never loses its keen insight into the philosophy of a favorite comedian who also happened to be a very nice guy in private life. By all means get this book for yourself and remember the holidays are fast approaching, this book will make a very nice Christmas present for any film buff who ever enjoyed Edgar Kennedy battling against a world that seemed to always conspire against him.”

According to one reader of Edgar Kennedy, “Magnificent! Edgar Kennedy was one of the greatest character players in motion picture history and Bill Cassara writes a warm and loving salute to this truly nice gentleman, of his family, his work and the affection people had for him - I highly recommend this book!”

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