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William DeNisi’s law enforcement career spanned over three decades and exposed him from every policing job from rookie to chief.   Additionally, the retired Fountain Valley Police Department police captain worked a wide variety of assignments including narcotics, vice and homicide.  William DeNisi is the author of Choking Sam and Trinity.


According to the book description of Trinity, “A series of murders occur. Human organs are being harvested for the lucrative black market trade, the proceeds going to fund terrorist activities in the U.S. Invoking national security, the FBI steps in and clamps a veil of secrecy. Simultaneously, fanatical Muslim terrorists conspire to bring a new crushing series of blows to the Great Satan of America. In a small warehouse in Orange County, several dirty radiological bombs are assembled. Co-conspirators smuggle in a small soviet artillery tactical nuke. Their plan is to detonate all the devices on Christmas Eve. Detective Mike Sullivan, a former intelligence agent, and friend Charlie Gomez are enlisted to conduct a sub-rosa investigation of the organ theft murders. Through good police work and blind luck Sullivan and Gomez manage to unravel the plot and race the clock in a heart-seizing attempt to stop the most devastating attacks on mainland America since 9/11.”


According to the book description of Choking Sam, “Choking Sam While global attention continues to be riveted on the Middle East, the North Koreans stumble upon the one thing that could instantly catapult their tiny country to world dominance. Their find is, literally, out of this world and its chilling potential for energy and weaponry far eclipses mere nuclear fission. The Koreans struggle to develop their secret and keep their people in line. Serial murder, deep sea exploration, international intrigue and enemy secret agents operating in the Southern California shadow of mouseville coalesce to provide another roller-coaster adventure for Orange County Sheriff's Detective Mike Sullivan and his sidekick, Charlie Gomez.”

One reader said of Choking Sam, “This second gripping novel by DeNisi splendidly retains his James Bond-type protagonist Investigator Mike Sullivan and his sidekick, raconteur & attorney, Charlie Gomez. Once again, the action begins in an Orange County Sheriff's jurisdiction with a series of brutal killings of an Asian racial group, but the cases are unexplainably appropriated by the FBI. Concurrently are world reportings of explosions & earthquakes in the Sea of Japan off North Korea. In this setting, Mike and Charlie deploy in an underwater deep sea search of Japanese waters for a lost energy device, and are entwined in an adventurous plane rescue taking them into China and Russia before returning to Orange County where Mike is confronted with the principals leading to closure of the Asian killing spree, and just in time for Mike to resume a desperately needed liaison with his old flame, Audrey.

The success of the book is attributable to the book's easy reading prose style, engaging characters and the writer's imposition of multiple subplot stories which then mesh together quite akin to Huxley's "Point CounterPoint." I'll leave it to the reader to discover where the title comes from. This is a book you'll want to read now, and not wait for the Holidays.”

William DeNisi  More Info

William DeNisi  More Info

One reader said of Trinity, “Bill Denisi's Trinity is a story about the possibility of terrorism once again hitting American soul, and of the two detectives, Sullivan and Gomez, who race against time to prevent it. It's a quickly moving story that will draw you in and keep you flipping pages into the middle of the night. Denisi's real life experience in law enforcement and his knowledge of investigative techniques really shines through in this work, adding credibility to the story and making it all that more intriguing. The back story provided for the terrorists adds another interesting angle to Trinity, demonstrating Bill's ability to look at many sides of a situation and weave them into a cohesive tale. When the last page is turned -- which may very well happen at two in the morning while your spouse sleeps beside you in bed -- you'll be glad you discovered the world of Sullivan and Gomez.”

About the Fountain Valley Police Department

The Fountain Valley Police Department (California) is organized into four bureaus: Patrol; Traffic; Detective; and Records.  According to the Fountain Valley Police Department, “The Patrol Division, often referred to as "the backbone of the Police Department", operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Patrol Officers generally work in full uniform and operate marked black and white Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor vehicles. They are the first responders to the public calls for service, the key to our Community-Oriented Policing efforts and the City's first line of defense against the criminal element.”


The Detective Bureau provides follow-up investigations on all criminal matters with the exception of those involving narcotics and gangs. The Bureau is commanded by a Detective Lieutenant and is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, 5 full-time Investigators, a civilian Court Liaison, a civilian Crime Analyst, and a Secretary. Each Investigator handles a specific assignment, which includes the investigation of crimes against persons, juvenile and sexual assaults, fraud/forgery and checks, residential and commercial burglaries and auto theft and miscellaneous crimes.


The Fountain Valley Police Department also has specialized units such as SWAT, K9, Crisis Negotiators and Field Training Officers.  In 2006 the Fountain Valley Police Department joined forces with the West County SWAT Team. The West County SWAT Team is a regional Special Weapons and Tactics Team serving the cities of Cypress, Los Alamitos, Westminster and Fountain Valley. West County SWAT consists of police personnel made of four distinct units including; Tactical Officers, Tactical Emergency Paramedics, Crisis Negotiators and Tactical Dispatchers. Joining West County SWAT resulted in a four-fold increase in personnel trained for tactical operations.  As a partner on this team, police personnel train a minimum of 10 hours per month in critical incident management, tactics and pre-planned responses to a variety of dangerous incidents.





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