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The Sailor's Death
William M Glenn  More Info

About the Norwich Police Department

Prior to 1855 the City of Norwich, Connecticut authorized City Watches, off and on, for its protection. During the year 1855, a permanent "Night Watch" was organized for the city. Its chief duties were to light and extinguish the gas streetlights and generally "watch" and "patrol" the city through the night.


On July 21st, 1865, the Court of Common Council of the City of Norwich adopted a new city ordinance establishing a "Police Force." It was designated the "Police Department of the City of Norwich." This ordinance authorized and appointed Police Chief (who was unpaid), A Police Captain (who actually ran the day-to-day operations), seven Patrolmen, and six Supernumerary Patrolmen. Three members of the Court of Common Council were appointed as Police Commissioners. They in turn appointed all members of the department.


On September 11th, 1865, the first members of the Norwich Police Department appeared on the streets of Norwich "in dark blue uniforms, with a badge on the cap, and a star on the breast." Zodac C. Crowell acted as the first "Chief of Police" for the department.


The Norwich Police Department, which ranks among the oldest in the nation, has come a long way since it’s inception, nearly a century and a half ago. At present, the police department’s responsibilities are a far cry from what was expected when it was originally established. The major responsibility for the department in the early 1800’s was simple; "watch over the City and keep the public peace".


Its obligations are much more complex as we continue in a new Century. The department now covers nearly thirty square miles that make up the City of Norwich, with its two-hundred and twenty-three (223) miles of streets and state highways, and approximately 38,000 residents. The department has continued to grow, expand and progress to meet the added demand for the ever expanding variety of police services.  The original police force of some fifteen sworn officers had grown to ninety-one officers, along with a complement of civilian support personnel.


Today, the chief executive of the Norwich Police Department is the Chief of Police.  He is assisted by a Deputy Chief of Police.  The Norwich Police Department is organized into three divisions: Patrol; Records and Services; and, Investigations. 





William Glenn is a retired Sergeant from the Norwich Police Department (Connecticut).  Currently, his is a private investigator in Connecticut.  He has been an adjunct police academy instructor as well as criminal justice instructor at local community colleges.  William Glenn is the author of the novel The Sailor’s Death.  According to the book’s description, “Five years prior, a merchant marine is murdered. Political forces at work cause the case to be unsolved and forgotten. Aiden O’Brien is a retired cop turned private detective. He works cold cases on the side for the New Jersey Deputy Attorney General’s office. O’Brien, following leads, uncovering evidence, and using all of his senses, brings the case to a surprising and exciting conclusion.”

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