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William Leo

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William (Bill) Leo is a Forensic Identification Specialist with the Scientific Services Bureau of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and serves as the Crime Scene Investigation / Latent Print Identification Section Training Officer. Bill began his career with the Latent Print Section of the Los Angeles Police Department in 1976. Bill possesses a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice, a Lifetime Teaching Credential in Police Science, and has completed graduate studies through Indiana State University.  Bill is on the faculty at Long Beach City College and Rio Hondo Community College. Bill is a Past-President of the Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers and is a Board Certified Latent Print Examiner through the International Association for Identification. He has lectured extensively on the subjects of fingerprint identification and expert witness testimony.


An introduction to the historical background of the science of fingerprints and legal aspects, how to recognize fingerprint patterns and sections of the hand, terminology and prints, and how to understand the New Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems.



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