American Heroes Press specializes in publishing books by police officers, law enforcement personnel and other emergency services workers.

A Concise History of American Policing
Raymond Foster  More Info

Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
Andrew J. Harvey  More Info

What is a Hero?: The American Heroes Press Short Story Anthology
Hi Tech Criminal Justice  More Info

Police Books

Women Police Officer Authors

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Women Police Officers

Kathy "Kat" Albrecht, UC Santa Cruz Police Department

Angela Amato, New York Police Department

Susan Anderson, Milton Police Department

Anthea Appel, New York City Police Department

Jeanne Assam, Minneapolis Police Department

Kathy Bennett, Los Angeles Police Department

Robin Burcell, Lodi Police Department

Kathy Burke, New York Police Department

Marie Cirile, New York Police Department

Kimberly Clark, Tampa Police Department

Linda Teigland Clark, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office

Sarah Cortez, Houston Police Department

Ingrid P. Dean, Michigan State Police

Rena Dearden, Sedona Police Department

Connie Dial, Los Angeles Police Department

Stacy Dittrich, Richland County Sheriff's Office

Jennifer Fisher, North Carolina Justice Academy

Laurie Drummond, Baton Rouge Police Department

Danni Hartmann Eldridge, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Rosanna Filippello, Philadelphia Police Department

Linda Flanders, San Francisco Police Department

Jaye Slade Fletcher, Chicago Police Department

Linda Forst, Boca Raton Police Department

Winona M. Franz, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Volitta Fritsche, Morgan County Sheriff's Department

Gina Gallo, Chicago Police Department

Mary Glatzle, New York Police Department

Susan Goreck, Polk County Sheriff's Office

Penny Harrington, Portland Oregon Police Department

Gayleen Hayes, Los Angeles Police Department

Aileen Christine Herndon, San Antonio Airport Police Department

Jody Kasper, Northampton Police Department

Christine Keers, Riverside Police Department

Maria Larsen, San Diego Police Department

Lisa Lockwood, Chicago Police Department

Anne Lowery, Cortland Police Department

Jacquelyn MacConnell, Phoenix Police Department

Laurie Moore, Tarrant County Constables

Carolann Natale, New York Police Department

Trinka Porrata, Los Angeles Police Department

Robin Powell, Broward County Sheriff's Office

Joanna Purl, Houston Police Department

Tina Lewis Rowe, Denver Police Department

Mona Ruiz, Santa Ana Police Department

Rana Sampson, New York Police Department

Candace Sams, San Diego Police Department

Lynda Sandoval, Wheat Ridge Police Department

Dee Dee Serpas, Kenner Police Department

Debra Shinder, Roanoke Police Department

Janice Seifert, Rogers County Sheriff's Office

Mary Sullivan, New York Police Department

Dorothy Schulz, Metro-North Commuter Railroad Police Department

Maureen Tracy, San Diego County Sheriff's Department

Dorothy Uhnak, New York City Transit Police

Kim Wozencraft, Tyler Police Department

Maria T. Watson, Philadelphia Police Department

Charlotte Williamson, Cobb County Sheriff's Office

Anne Wingate, Albany Police Department

Donna Wudyka, Detroit Police Department


Selected books by Women Police Officer authors.

Progressive Police Supervision
Jody Kasper  More Info

Every Move She Makes
Robin Burcell  More Info

Deadly Legacy
Robin Burcell  More Info

How to Undress a Cop: Poems
Sarah Cortez  More Info

Angel of Death
Rosanna Filippello  More Info
This former San Diego Sheriff's deputy is the 400th author added to the list.

The Department
Maureen Tracy  More Info
A women police officer's one year undercover to catch a murder suspect. True crime at its best.

Poison Mind
Jeffrey Good  More Info

G'd Up 24/7: The GHB Addiction Guide
Law Tech Publishing  More Info

Battered Badge: First The Bruises, Then The Badge
Aileen Christine  More Info

A Preparation Guide for the Assessment Center Method
Tina Lewis Rowe  More Info

The Devil's Closet (Ceecee Gallagher)
Stacy Dittrich  More Info

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